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hot or not The Lifecycle of Technology Trends

Trends are very important to follow, especially in the technology world, for both product and service companies. Mukesh Sharma explains the technology trend lifecyle and what it mean for testers.

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Mukesh Sharma
Crowd Use Crowdsourcing as a Shortcut on the UI Test Automation Journey

If you run a web or mobile application with a human-facing UI, you will want to conduct end-to-end tests through the UI. A manual QA team could do that, but we don't have that kind of time in today's agile world. Crowdsourcing can be a great resource for maintaining speed and quality in your end-to-end testing.

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Daria Mehra
Focusing in on a light bulb Why Do We Test Software?

"Why do we test software?" seems like a silly question—most people would say, “So we know it works, duh." But there are many other reasons we test our products, as well as many possible benefits besides confirming that a system does what we intended it to do. Figuring out the purpose behind your tests is illuminating.

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Jim Weaver
Play and record buttons Simplify Your Record and Playback UI Automation

Record and playback shouldn’t be a nightmare to deal with. One key for useful UI automation in any tool is abstracting at the right level. Take a cue from coded solutions like WebDriver and its Page Object pattern, and do something similar with record and playback tools to abstract away all the scary bits.

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Justin Rohrman
Screen showing successful automated test Using Systems Thinking to Extend Your Test Automation Power

When automated tests work perfectly one day but fail for no discernible reason the next, it's easy to get frustrated with automation. But you don't have to stay in the dark. Many of the tools we use today allow us to extend their reach with some custom code. Just use some systems thinking and a little imagination.

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Mike Duskis
API testing graphic Getting Started with API Testing

For testers interested in moving into test automation, Justin Rohrman usually suggests that they get started by learning to write a little code—more specifically, working with their software's API. You don't have to jump into tooling just yet. You can begin testing the data and workflow of the API first. Here's how.

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Justin Rohrman
Data analysis Data-Driven Testing Skills in an Agile and DevOps World

For agile and DevOps, an understanding of the role of data analysis in the test strategy is helping teams accelerate development, testing, and deployments. As we continue to enhance our testing effectiveness, data analytics skills are an important dimension in managing risks in a “continuous everything” world.

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Michael Sowers
Chalkboard with 1+1=2 The Value of Testing Simply

People obsess over the number of tests and test coverage, but tests that cover more code don’t always improve quality. Some tests have low value and thus, implicitly, high cost. Simple tests may not seem impressive at first glance. But the goal of testing is to ensure quality, and simple tests can be very valuable.

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Steve Berczuk