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Internet-enabled devices and products are almost everywhere we look today. For software developers and testers, this means a huge shift in the products being built and raises the bar on the level of quality being released. Products now must be highly reliable, functional, and user friendly as a baseline standard.

Download this eGuide to access handpicked content that will help you start—or fine-tune—your Internet of Things development and testing.

Inside this eGuide you'll learn:

  • 4 Fundamental Practices for IoT Software Development
  • 3 Steps to Nurture IoT Development and Testing
  • Accountability in Testing Embedded and IoT Software Systems
  • IoT and the Wisdom of Mobile
  • The Future of Cloud Connectivity in an IoT World
  • How DevOps Helps Enterprises Deliver Better, Faster Software for the IoT
  • The Buzz on the Internet of Things

You will also get IoT insight straight from the mouths of industry experts and practitioners, as well as links to additional IoT resources on StickyMinds and TechWell.

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