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Building with clouds reflected on the side Selecting a Cloud Service

Cloud services are relatively new, and for those used to downloading and installing software, it may be daunting at first when trying to figure out which cloud service to use. Let’s analyze the different options—infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service—and when you should use each.

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Deepak Vohra
Virtual machine Explaining Hardware Virtualization and Containerization

Virtualization is the abstraction of a computer resource—such as hardware, memory, storage, an operating system, a desktop machine, or a network—built on top of the physical resource. There are many types of virtualization, and here, we look at virtualization of hardware and of an operating system, or containerization.

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Deepak Vohra
Server stack What’s Different about Testing Serverless Applications?

Serverless computing is a DevOps technique that uses cloud-provided runtimes to execute code components in a defined workflow. Testing is easier in some ways with this model, but more difficult in others. Let's dive into the ways testing serverless applications and components is different from traditional architecture.

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Peter Varhol Gerie Owen
Stack of servers with an X over them The Advantages of Serverless Cloud Providers

Most cloud providers have server-based computing services. But that requires servers to be provisioned and administered, and servers have a fixed capacity to operate within. A new DevOps trend is to go serverless—however, this doesn’t mean no servers are used at all. Learn more about this model and its advantages now.

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Deepak Vohra
Graphic of cloud-connected devices 4 Reasons to Use Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation

Cloud computing makes data access more reliable and efficient, with less administration effort required, so testing in the cloud can accelerate your digital transformation. This helps guarantee quality and decrease time to market. Here are four more reasons to consider cloud testing for your digital transformation.

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Ray Parker
A cumulus cloud, photo by Alex Machado How Cloud Automation Can Enhance Your Business

The cloud supports the automation of your business and can make things run smoother and more efficiently. It also can help manage all the different moving parts of a company. Taking a deeper dive into these benefits can help you decide if you should add the cloud to your business plans.

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Sara Carter
smart city Georgia Tech IoT Study: Takeaways for Smart Cities

The internet of things has sky-high expectations, and smart cities, where devices connect across public and private sectors, is one of the drivers fueling the fervor. But there are also skeptics saying the IoT is slow to materialize, which poses questions about risks surrounding cyber security and privacy.

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Pamela Rentz
Person holding a tablet with various API icons 5 Myths about API Security

APIs are designed to provide interfaces between multiple applications, allowing them to work together. From a security perspective, this is a powerful tool to have. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of APIs diminishes if they are misunderstood. Here are five common myths about API security, along with the facts.

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Harold Kilpatrick