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Make Better Software by Learning from Your Mistakes

If you accept that it’s OK to make the same mistakes over and over, you’ll never give yourself the opportunity to grow. If you don’t grow, you won’t improve your software. A writer should always ask why an editor did what he did, and a developer should understand how he can fix the code he broke.

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Josiah Renaudin
Is Modern Software Development More Difficult?

Is software harder to make? The inclusion of additional team members throughout the process has made the flow of development a bit more difficult than it has been in the past. Sure, software quality might be at an all-time high, but the journey there has a few more twists and turns.

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Josiah Renaudin
Five Principles from Chess That Can Change Your Software Game

When you start analyzing the two strategic activities of playing chess and developing software, you will notice they share many core principles. Defining a goal, recognizing patterns, and learning from mistakes are just some of the important concepts to keep in mind with both chess and software.

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Charlie Hill
What Sets a Great UX Apart? The Little Details That Show You Care

With so many advanced apps, programs, and devices on the market these days, it’s no longer enough for something to just function the way it’s supposed to. What makes a successful product is influenced by how nice an experience it provides for the user—and more often, that comes down to the details.

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Beth Romanik
Is Minimalism the New Business Model for the Tech Industry?

The tech business model used to be to provide comprehensive products with more features than your average consumer would use. But bigger is no longer better—with more individual and small-business clients, many just want basics. Is scaling back and offering service flexibility the new philosophy?

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Beth Romanik
Lowering the Development Cost of Your Next Android App

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a great platform for developing native mobile apps. Yet, the SDK can pose some development challenges that can increase cost. Code inconsistency and excessive boilerplate code are challenges that can be alleviated with the right approach.

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Jacob Orshalick
Anti-Patterns: Watch Out for Common Development Mistakes

It is just as valuable to learn from mistakes as it is to just focus on best practices. Worst practices are common thought approaches to problem solving that appear again and again. These mistakes, also called anti-patterns, exist in all aspects of life—and software development.

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Brendan Quinn
Software Defects: Why They Won't Go Away

Joe Townsend tackles why software defects in IT projects appear to be increasing in recent years. As the business side increases the pressure for faster and bigger results from IT, mistakes and defects will continue to go up.

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Joe Townsend