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Choosing a Java Version How to Choose the Right Java Version for Your Needs

Choosing the right Java version can be tricky. This article explores key factors like supported versions, environment, purpose, bundled options, and recommended updates to guide your decision.

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Deepak Vohra
Person test-driving on a simulator Software Features to Avoid in a Production Environment

When developing an application, it’s best practice not to use certain software features in a production environment. These include features related to programming language, the OS, the database, a framework, a web or application server, or a tool. You have to consider the production setup to avoid bugs or server crashes.

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Deepak Vohra
Tester logging an issue in a defect-tracking system Don’t Let “Try It Now” Impede Your Test Initiative

Sometimes environmentally based issues arise that impede your ability to access or test the software. Rather than addressing the problem methodically, as with defects, testers often attempt to solve it on their own. Here's why entering the problem into the defect-tracking database is a more efficient way to solve it.

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Richard Estra
kudzu Surviving the Invasive Plants Apocalypse with Citizen Science Apps

There are more than 6,500 invasive plant species in the US that threaten native flora and fauna. Mobile apps can be tools that let citizen scientists help researchers collect data on invasive plants. Here's a roundup of apps that let you track these species by collecting photos, coordinates, and sighting information.

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Pamela Rentz
Graphic of cloud-connected devices 4 Reasons to Use Cloud Testing for Digital Transformation

Cloud computing makes data access more reliable and efficient, with less administration effort required, so testing in the cloud can accelerate your digital transformation. This helps guarantee quality and decrease time to market. Here are four more reasons to consider cloud testing for your digital transformation.

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Ray Parker
monarch butterfly Monarch Butterfly Flight Inspires Micro Air Vehicles

Studying the biomechanics of the amazing flight of the monarch butterfly will enhance national security. At least that’s the goal of research about the possibilities of long-range micro air vehicles with enhanced flight efficiency and superior flight range inspired by monarch butterflies.

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Pamela Rentz
Containers Performance Testing for Our Modern, DevOps World

As DevOps-based methodologies are more broadly adopted, we'll increasingly move to a continuous testing model. Containerized environments and microservices make it easier to optimize your application by validating changes to the environment or system configuration, allowing you to deliver better products faster.

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Paola Rossaro
Bottleneck Finding the Bottlenecks in the Agile and DevOps Delivery Cycle

To achieve incremental software development and continuous feedback, you need to eliminate the tasks that create bottlenecks, which hinder the flow of development. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and identifying these “weak links” is a critical step toward achieving agility and increasing efficiency.

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Tanya Kravtsov