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Do Testers and Software QA Engineers Need Technical Skills?

The debate is heating up again. Do testers need technical skills in order to be effective? Do they need to be technical testers? David Greenlees attempts to define a "technical tester" and whether or not testers really need to know how to code.

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David Greenlees
HTML5 and jQuery: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

HTML5 and jQuery are tools that can live on any Internet browser that supports them. They can operate across devices—iPhones, iPads, Galaxies, Blackberrys, etc.—unlike an app that can only work on one device, using possibly only one version of an operating system, before an update is required.

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Brendan Quinn
Facebook Unfriends HTML5

Will the release of Facebook 5.0 help turn the tide of dissatisfaction with the social media giant? In hopes of a strong rebound with users and shareholders alike, this latest release comes without the reliance on the previously highly touted HTML5.

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Katherine Slattery
Telerik Releases New Version of Kendo UI Complete

Telerik, an application tool company, announced a new version of its Kendo UI Complete tool, which now supports tablet UIs and contains server-side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC.

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Jonathan Vanian
Oracle: HTML 5 and JavaScript Will Dominate App Development

An Oracle executive predicts HTML5 and JavaScript (along with other new development technologies) will dominate the world of application development.

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Jonathan Vanian