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Long-exposure shot of cars racing along a highway DevOps Isn’t Just about Releasing Faster

When organizations start moving to DevOps, one of the first things they focus on is automation. It makes sense: Automated deployment tools are easy to explain, and implementing them usually shows value right away. But speed isn’t the only (or even the best) reason to move to DevOps and an automated release pipeline.

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Gene Gotimer
Magnifying glass on automation Application Release Automation: Why the QA Pro Should Care

The speed of testing depends on a consistent software release process that can provide critical information when reporting issues. QA pros will benefit from a new set of DevOps tooling called application release automation, which drives continuous release deployment and provides visibility about what was deployed.

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Tracy Ragan
What Studying Release Notes Reveals about Your SCM and ALM Tools

Studying release notes tells you a great deal about your software configuration management (SCM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) environment. They will also help you understand why SCM and ALM are so important. ALM tools provide the capability to get release notes automatically.

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Joe Farah
Branching Is Not Just for Version Control

Joe Farah explains to us that a branching strategy is central to a configuration management (CM) plan and that it extends beyond version control. Remember, It's not just the files that need to be organized, it's the entire CM and application lifecycle management (ALM) data repository.

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Joe Farah