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Testing Apple Maps—A Lesson for a New Generation

Now that the furor of Apple's buggy release of Apple Maps has subsided a little, it is time to review what happened. Obviously the application needed more time to be ready, but more importantly, what lessons can the new generation of application developers and testers take away from this debacle?

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Brendan Quinn
Shakeup at Apple or Business as Usual?

Scott Forstall, the senior vice president of iOS Software at Apple, has left the company, and his departure has captured everyone's attention. Joe Townsend explains whether or not this news means a shakeup is occurring at Apple or if it's just business as usual.

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Joe Townsend
Can RIM Make a Comeback with the BlackBerry 10?

Can Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone make a comeback with its newest release, dubbed BlackBerry 10? Joe Townsend rounds up what the tech media is saying about RIM, whose writing may be on the wall.

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Joe Townsend
Apple Maps: Disaster or Simple Mistake?

When Tim Cook issued a public apology over the release of Apple Maps, critics were quick to jump on Apple. Joe Townsend looks at the long-term impact of the release of Apple Maps and whether it will go down in history as a disaster or a simple mistake.

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Joe Townsend
Apple and Microsoft Have a Wild Week in the News

It’s been a wild week for software-related news, and once again, the headlines have been dominated by two of the largest tech companies in the world: Microsoft and Apple. Here’s a short roundup of what’s been shaking with these tech giants.

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Jonathan Vanian