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Black swan The Black Swan Myth Actually Devalues Expertise

People love to hear how someone with no formal training solved a problem that stumped experts because they weren't tainted by years of experience. These "black swan" stories are the exception, though, not the rule, and they can be dangerous because they trivialize hard work and study. Most times, you want an expert.

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Payson Hall
A project team bumping fists 6 Ways to Build Strong Relationships on Your Project Team

When you form a new team to tackle a major project, the project's success hinges not just on the technical savvy of the team members, but also—and especially—on how well the team members get along. How everyone communicates and collaborates can make or break your project. Here's how to build strong team relationships.

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Naomi Karten
Looking upward at trees in a forest Scrum Can Help You See the Forest and the Trees

In project management, it's easy to focus on details to the extent that you lose track of the larger goal. Scrum can help you identify flaws and gaps, and skipping or trivializing Scrum events will just hide the fact that there are things you need to improve. Finding problems is something to be celebrated, not hidden.

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Steve Berczuk
Project manager using software to improve productivity 5 Ways to Accelerate Productivity with Project Management Software

Project management software can provide great tools for any project manager who wants to maximize their team’s performance. These tools do more than store all the project-related data in one place; they can also help project managers optimize their work, distribute tasks more effectively, and accelerate productivity.

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Scott Pine
Project communication plan Developing a Clear Project Communication Plan

When planning a software project, you need a thorough project communication plan. Both managers and developers need to take part in formulating the plan so that the correct terms of reference are present, achievable goals are set, and deadlines are attainable. Clear communication is essential. Here's what to include.

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Michelle Brooks
Project manager's desktop with a computer, calendar, and schedule notes 4 Tools to Make a Project Manager’s Job Easier

A project manager is responsible for working out all the details of a project. They have to come up with a strategy to work with the team to overcome hurdles in the way of the project’s goals, and they have to accomplish it all without overstepping the budget. Here are four tools that can help keep it all straight.

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Michelle Joe
Chess king standing after all other chess pieces have been captured Take Credit for Your Risk Management Activities

If you have an important implementation date, early identification of the minimum viable product is a vital risk-management step that helps focus your team’s attention on what's important. Rather than apologizing for intelligent phasing of functionality to manage risk, explain it to stakeholders and take credit.

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Payson Hall
Software team working on a failing project Achieve Success by Joining a Failing Project

We all want to be associated with success, so when there’s a failing project, most of us want nothing to do with it. However, if you’re looking for a way to give your career a boost, you may want to rethink that. If you’re not afraid of a challenge, here are some ways embracing a failing project can help your career.

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Richard Estra