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path to influence Influencing Quality in Non-Technology Companies

Digital campaigns are everywhere today—every discipline, every service provider, and even mom-and-pop stores are exploring and investing in their digital presence. Rajini Padmanaban examines the technology investments being made by non-tech companies and the role that testers can play in influencing quality.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Dog food in a dish Have You Eaten Your Own Dog Food Lately?

How often do you use your company’s website? It’s important to periodically “eat your own dog food”—that is, use your own product or services in order to work out the kinks so your customers don’t have to. A good user experience can mean the difference between someone using your product over your competitor's.

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Payson Hall
stealth bomber The Balance between Being Stealth and Being Public during Product Development

While end user data protection is important from a business to customer perspective, businesses themselves have their share of data protection problems. Organizations need to find the balance between being in a stealth mode and being too public during product development.

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Mukesh Sharma
Magic Bench The Disney Research Mixed Reality Bench Is More Than Magic

Disney Research's Magic Bench, which previewed at SIGGRAPH 2017, demonstrates the magical possibilities of mixed reality by combining physical space—a bench—with virtual space, allowing a single user or a group to share the same experience and see, hear, and feel animated characters.

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Pamela Rentz
virtual reality headset Gearing Up to Test in the Augmented and Virtual Reality World

With close to $9 billion being funneled into virtual reality investments in the last five years and the number of users buying these devices continuing to rise, the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sectors are important areas in which testers should focus their efforts.

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Mukesh Sharma
roadmap Accessible Apps Create a Roadmap for Business Success

As one of the fastest growing sectors of IT, the expected growth for the app market is $80.6 billion by 2020. With that many app users having such varied abilities, it is extremely vital to make sure that your app is usable by everyone so that your app can succeed.

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Sunil Dangwal
Disney Research logo Disney Virtual Reality Makes Magic

Disney is where the magic happens, and one of the projects Disney Research scientists are working on that will wow visitors at the Magic Kingdom one day is technology that makes virtual reality more dynamic. For example, what about merging virtual reality with the physical world?

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Pamela Rentz
Integration testing Why Integration Testing Is Crucial for Mobile Apps

When customers use a mobile app you built, they expect seamless integration. Performing integration testing is essential due to the need to sync these apps with all the other devices and interfaces. With so many products in the mobile and IoT ecosystems, it is important for testers to think like their users.

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Raj Subramanian