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Dropbox Joins Bug Bounty Programs

With security experts predicting that cyber attacks will not only continue, but escalate, more companies are turning to bug bounty programs to supplement their in-house security initiatives. Dropbox is crowdsourcing security and has announced their new bug bounty program administered by HackerOne.

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Pamela Rentz
Can Dropbox Survive the Emergence of Amazon's Zocalo?

Amazon recently rolled out Zocalo, an enterprise storage service that lets people store and synchronize files. Another popular cloud storage provider, Dropbox, is also built on Amazon's S3 service. Will Amazon's entry into the storage-as-a-service segment spell doom for other providers?

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Anuj Magazine
Is Minimalism the New Business Model for the Tech Industry?

The tech business model used to be to provide comprehensive products with more features than your average consumer would use. But bigger is no longer better—with more individual and small-business clients, many just want basics. Is scaling back and offering service flexibility the new philosophy?

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Beth Romanik
Evernote's Security Breach Leads to Leaked Passwords

Another day, another security breach. Following in the footsteps of popular hacked services Dropbox and LinkedIn, software and service vendor Evernote announced this March that it had suffered a data breach and suspected that usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords had been stolen.

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Bonnie Bailey
Is It Time to Get Rid of the Desktop IDE?

Eclipse set the development world abuzz in the fall of 2012 with the release of Orion, its browser-based integrated development environment (IDE). With the big push to move computing to the cloud, is it time to get rid of the desktop IDE?

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Mukesh Chaudhary