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Neon sign saying "People fail forward to success" Lessons Learned from Product Failures

Being agile is all about learning from failures and building on experiences. This applies to not just individuals, but even to large organizations. The key is being transparent and objective in accepting and understanding failures, and taking away lessons for future actions and decisions. Just keep innovating.

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Software team working on a failing project Achieve Success by Joining a Failing Project

We all want to be associated with success, so when there’s a failing project, most of us want nothing to do with it. However, if you’re looking for a way to give your career a boost, you may want to rethink that. If you’re not afraid of a challenge, here are some ways embracing a failing project can help your career.

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Signs pointing toward success one way and failure the other What You Can Learn from Failure—and from Success

Success and failure teach different lessons. Lessons from failure tend to revolve around what not to do next time around, whereas lessons from success focus on what you can do again, perhaps even better. But whether you experience success or failure, the key is to take the time to learn from what happened.

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Someone about to plunge into water Catch Small Failures Early with Agile Practices

Agile is designed to keep failures small and manageable. It’s essential to be able to talk about small failures and ways to improve during the retrospective so that the teams can advance their agile practices. If your teams can’t talk about their small failures openly, there is a great risk of bigger troubles soon.

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Failure sign In Praise of Failure

Failure is measured by expectations. If we aim to be perfect, or set the expectation that only perfection is acceptable, we risk losing opportunities to get valuable feedback. Creating an expectation of perfection can lead to stagnation, not success. Instead, view failure as a learning experience.

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Failure is part of success How Failure Is Essential to Your Success

No one likes to fail, but it is an essential activity in our lives. Each failure gives us a chance to learn and become better. No one is instantly successful at anything; everyone goes through a learning curve, and that may be steep and long. But we need to do better to embrace failure, because it precedes success.

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Learning An Agile Mindset: Learning Early, Not Failing Fast

Agile encourages teams to continuously improve through learning. One of the phrases associated with this process is "failing fast"—trying new things and taking lessons from mistakes as you go. But Johanna Rothman thinks "learning early" is a better phrase. That change in terminology can give you a happier mindset.

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Johanna Rothman
Fail Fast: Embrace Failure to Encourage Success

Fear of failure can hold you back from learning and creating new things. Conversely, creating an environment where it’s safe to fail shows that progress toward mastery is just as important as achieving mastery. A leader who encourages failing fast will have a team where everyone is performing at their best.

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