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A feature branching strategy Feature Branching Is Not Evil

Some people believe branching and pull requests are inherently bad. True, branching done poorly can slow down a team, but advocating for avoiding branching altogether can lead you to ignore the more important goal of an agile process: rapid integration of changes. First, make sure you're considering the right metrics.

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Steve Berczuk
Integrate Cloud Services Support to Avoid the Help(less) Desk

A major downside of using cloud services is that customers often find they are responsible for any needed integration across different applications and vendors. Beth Cohen offers tips for minimizing the risks and improving service quality when integrating cloud services.

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Beth Cohen
Choosing an LMS? Know Who You Are and Why You Want It

Before choosing a learning management system (LMS), know who you are and the reasons you want it. If you don’t, you may select a system that doesn’t meet your needs. Eric Bloom offers three different perspectives on how to look at LMS functionality.

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Eric Bloom
The Importance of an Integrated ALM Toolset

Joe Farah writes that an integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) toolset is one that has ALM functions working together to provide a well-defined lifecycle process and capability. However, not all integrations are alike. Your tool suite needs to look and act like a single tool.

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Joe Farah
Selecting a Software Configuration Management Tool

Deciding on a vendor for your CM tool can be fun or gut wrenching. The decision you make will affect how you control files, interact with other tools, and will touch every aspect of you daily work. Joe Townsend lists six questions you should ask before selecting a tool.

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Joe Townsend
When Does Choosing a Mediocre Technology Make Sense?

The technology world is obsessed with the latest and greatest. This doesn't come as a surprise. After all, we're all about innovation and building something better today than we built yesterday. Are there times when choosing a mediocre option—or even the worst option—makes sense?

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Rick Scott
Agile Codelines and Shared Traffic Space

How an agile team works with their codeline is analogous to a shared space traffic model, in which most traffic signals and markings are removed; drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are guided by a small set of rules.

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Steve Berczuk
What Is DevOps All About?

DevOps is an umbrella concept that serves as a response to the "wall of confusion" that sometimes occurs when the communication between development and operations becomes unreliable. How does this confusion come about? What are some of the elements that fall under the DevOps umbrella?

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Bob Aiello