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Groups of people networking at a conference Learning to Network: Fake It till You Make It

Failure is part of learning; we have to do things we are not good at in order to become better at them. To learn networking, we have to take the risk of failing and do what we fear. This means taking small steps to open up, asking questions, and listening—and even pretending to be interested until you really are!

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Isabel Evans
Professional network Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

Your professional network can be a valuable asset when you are looking for information, recruiting, or seeking a new job. But how do you get a good network? The obvious answer is to be honest, bright, hardworking, and personable, but there are other things you can do to grow and strengthen your network, too.

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Payson Hall
Women Who Test Event Looking to Even the Playing Field

TechWell is highlighting the strides women have made in the growing testing profession by featuring the Women Who Test summit at STARWEST. This full-day event, which will be October 2, is aimed toward women in the industry looking to network with other women passionate about software testing.

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Josiah Renaudin
VMware Updates vCloud Suite While Cisco Eyes a Potential Rival

Virtualization software giant VMware, Inc. made news this week with an update to the company’s vCloud Suite 5.1 while two top executives at VMware and Cisco made public the companies’ tenuously friendly relationship.

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Jonathan Vanian