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Ideas written on sticky notes and posted to a bulletin board in order of priority Why Setting Priorities Is a Core Agile Practice

Every aspect of agile includes prioritization. The most important user stories are implemented first. Testing is prioritized to make sure features valued by customers are tested the most. Even everyday tasks are prioritized during daily standups. Here are three reasons setting priorities is essential to success in agile.

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Jeffery Payne
Scrum team member taking a card from the product backlog The Difference between Priority and Order in Your Agile Work

The Scrum Guide talks about an ordered backlog, not a prioritized one. While order and priority are related, they are not the same, and understanding the difference and why people focus on one over the other can help your team be more effective at delivering business value.

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Steve Berczuk
Person adding a square to a grid of sticky notes, photo by Kelly Sikkema How to Prioritize Tasks and Do Only the Work That Matters

When you’re working on multiple projects at a time and everyone is breathing down your neck for results, it’s difficult to separate wants from needs. You have to be smart about task prioritization. Here are four ways to break through the noise and make sure you’re focusing on the work that really matters.

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Kristin Savage
The Best Way to Communicate Project Quality Concerns

When you encounter quality concerns in a project, it's important to let management know. But building an overly detailed list of faults and shortcomings undermines the impact of the important points and muddles communication. To effectively convey the crucial issues, you have to prioritize.

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Payson Hall
It's All About Prioritization

"No one is busy in this world. It is all about priorities." In almost everything we do, prioritization is the key to surviving in today’s fast-paced world. Prioritization is particularly relevant in the software industry right now because being agile is the latest mantra for success.

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Mukesh Sharma
Pick a Chicken: How to Prioritize and Get More Done

A project manager was having trouble with his list of projects, all of which were behind schedule. They were all vitally important, so he was in a state of thrash with too many options to choose from. Luckily, Payson Hall was able to help him—thanks to his childhood experiences chasing chickens on a farm.

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Payson Hall