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Two Google Programming Languages You Should Learn

There are several programming languages emerging as candidates to become mainstream, but there are two that share a common characteristic that may just give them a leg up on the competition. That common characteristic: being developed as a child of the Google open source projects family.

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Dysfunctional DevOps

DevOps is a set of principles and practices that help teams, including development and operations, to communicate and collaborate more effectively. But DevOps also has a dark side, and some dysfunctional behaviors and misunderstandings can keep organizations from implementing these best practices.

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Project Panama Unites Java and C/C++

A proposal known as Project Panama is gaining a lot of support on the Internet by way of an open-source Java mailing list. The effort would provide Java programmers the ability to access non-Java application programming interfaces, including other popular interfaces used by C/C++ programmers.

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COBOL Still Used More Than Google

Lero, a software engineering research center, recently announced that even in today’s fast-evolving and innovative society COBOL is still being used more than Google. Researchers at Lero claim that there are more than two hundred times more COBOL transactions than Google searches worldwide.

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NASA SPHERES Sending Google Technology to Space

NASA and space exploration just became more like something out of the realm of science fiction—and Google played a role in it. Beginning in October, NASA's satellites known as SPHERES will begin to incorporate Google’s Project Tango technology in an effort to help NASA increase overall efficiency.

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Venture Capital Investments Soar in the Software World

Venture capitalists have been the backbone supporting the growth of the software sector through the years and have helped take technology to new domains. The community was hit by the dotcom bubble, but venture capital funding now is soaring to 2011 levels. This is great news for fund seekers.

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Mukesh Sharma
Using Experiential Activities to Teach Software Development Concepts

Experiential learning, or using activities such as simulations, helps people glean lessons on their own rather than having that knowledge presented to them. Activities need not be lengthy to be effective. In fact, simple exercises can help a team understand the complexities of software development.

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Naomi Karten
HTML5: Making Moves in Mobile Markets

In the US and Europe, Android and Apple’s iOS dominate the markets for mobile web app development. However, other markets in the world—where HTML5 is playing a significant role in mobile development—tell a different story. Read on to see how HTML5 edges out iOS and gives Android cause for concern.

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