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Red apple fitting in with green apples Making Testing Work within Your Sprints

A common problem for Scrum teams is having a good understanding of what work is complete by the end of the sprint. Teams often end with a few items coded but not fully tested, but since the goal of a sprint is to have a deliverable increment of work, skipping tests isn’t a good idea. Here's how you can fit them in.

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Steve Berczuk
What to Do When Bugs Are Found—Based on When They Are Found

When executing test modules, an interesting question to ask is “What needs to happen with issues that are found?” Hans Buwalda suggests making a distinction between issues found during a sprint and after the team has declared the functionality under test "done"—and describes how to proceed from there.

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Hans Buwalda
Are You Focusing on the Right Thing in Your Sprint Reviews?

The role of demonstration in a sprint review often takes on more importance than it should, even to the extent that some teams refer to the review as a demo. By focusing on the demo you risk having the team do all the talking, rather than a two-way conversation between the team and the stakeholders.

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Steve Berczuk
Meeting the Goal of Estimation

The classic discussion for agile estimation is about whether points or hours are better. But there is now a third option: a movement called #NoEstimates. It actually does involve estimation, but you break down work in priority order and estimate only when you know enough to estimate accurately.

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Steve Berczuk
How Agile Teams Can Deal with Estimation

Agile teams often struggle with estimation. As essential as the concepts of measurement and feedback are to agile software development, the concept of "estimation" seems to stir memories of non-agile projects, and it provokes fears of excessive process.

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Steve Berczuk
Connected Cars Are Driving Innovation

Connected cars are equipped with Internet access and infotainment services, along with telematics and technologies that enable functionality such as automatic notification of crashes, speeding, potential hazards, and other new features. Pamela Rentz looks at the latest connected car innovations.

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Pamela Rentz
How to Avoid Poorly Conducted Sprint Retrospectives

The sprint retrospective is an important ceremony in Scrum. Of course, it’s bad if you don’t perform retrospectives at all. However, more often than not, it is not the retrospective itself, but rather a poorly conducted retrospective that results in an ineffective, stale, and meaningless effort.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
Why You Need "Definition of Done" and "Definition of Ready" Lists

A lot has been written about definition of ready (DOR) and definition of done (DOD) lists, but not a lot has been written about the lists’ importance. Having the right DOR checklist provides you confidence to begin a sprint, and the right DOD list improves a team’s credibility.

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Venkatesh Krish...