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Generation Y's Upcoming Impact on IT

Much has been said about Generation Y regarding their work ethic and their constant need for recognition—just for showing up with the desire to run the show from Day One. Members of Generation X and most certainly the Baby Boomers have certain misconceptions about Generation Y.

A conversation on LinkedIn confirmed my suspicion—We just don’t understand Generation Y. offers us a white paper on managing the next generation of the workforce. This white paper is not specific to Generation Y, but it looks at ways the new workforce will be more mobile and in need of technologies that prior generations have not always had or expected. breaks down the different generations and looks specifically at Generation Y. Author Mark Bauerlein takes it a step further calling Generation Y the “dumbest” generation while listing eight reasons why he feels this to be true. I feel that this stinging indictment cannot be applied to the Generation Y population as a whole because it’s unfair to broadly paint an entire group.

A blogger on A Smarter Planet Blog couldn’t disagree more with Bauerlein’s assessment. looks at the working styles of Generation Y and why IT holds no allure for them. The article sites more than 150 different technology jobs working in isolation as opposed to collaboration, which Generation Y prefers. takes a different approach to Generation Y and their impact on information technology. As the article points out, Generation Y is using technology in ways the prior generations have not thought of. This will drive the IT field to increase its offerings to this generation with mobile technology leading the way. MSN breaks down the impact that Generation Y will have on the workplace, including IT groups. After reading this article, I have to wonder—Are we really engaging Generation Y or simply writing them off?

Are we unnecessarily creating a divide between the generations? seems to think this may be the case, that we are labeling Generation Y incorrectly. looks at Generation Y in tech firm workplace, salaries, and various demographics. looks at the top five myths surrounding Generation Y and tries to dispel those myths one by one. I think this is an important white paper, because I feel every generation trusts the prior generation less. We need Generation Y to fill the positions left empty by retiring baby boomers. How we engage them will determine our success or failure.

How do you feel about Generation Y? Are your feelings based on myth or fact?

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