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Book Review: More Fearless Change

Considering you are reading this, you are probably interested in learning new ideas and applying them to your work or your organization. Some ideas you can implement quickly and on your own, but most need the support and actions of other people to succeed.

It is not always easy to encourage people or organizations to adopt new ideas. More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen can give you the tools to help you spread new ideas.

Whether you're trying to implement a change that requires organizational buy-in, such as a DevOps approach in your organization, or a change on a smaller scale, like getting members on your team to adopt test-driven development, you may be struggling with how to best introduce and encourage adoption.

More Fearless Change expands on the material in the first edition of Fearless Change, with new patterns and new insights into how to apply the original ones. If you haven't seen the first editon, reading this book will help you understand how to be a more effective change agent. If you were lucky enough to have discovered and read the earlier book, this edition is still worth a look, as the patterns have been revised based on the authors’ experience, and the new patterns fill in some gaps.

While the bulk of the book is a catalog of patterns, often connected with each other, the book opens with a short chapter that gives an overview of the patterns and shares what the authors have learned in the years since the first editon was written. Even if you are not familiar with patterns, the patterns format the authors use in the book is both easy to read and easy to use for reference.

Patterns are structures or processes that you see frequently because they work well. What you read may seem like common sense, but "common" sense is not the same as "universal” sense. So while there is technically nothing new in here, this book is a valuable source of information and inspiration for those who want to introduce different ideas into their organizations successfully.

Full of stories and examples, More Fearless Change has actionable advice you can apply to the problems you face as a change agent, regardless of your role or the kind of organization you work in.

If you are struggling with introducing a new idea into your workgroup, company, or organization, this book will help you understand what is possible and inspire you to move forward. If you are an experienced change agent, it will help you escape any ruts you may be in and keep you energized.

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