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Improve Your Software Organization’s Processes: Focus on the Right Thing

While processes may seem like overhead, you need defined, documented procedures to avoid problems. It's when processes exist just because "we've always done it that way" that they become a problem. Keep processes useful by asking questions and constantly verifying that the purpose behind them is relevant.

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Steve Berczuk
Creating Effective Processes to Deliver Quality Software

Delivering complex systems depends on software processes that guide the work on a daily basis. Much has been written about the evils of verbose waterfall processes, but the truth is that not having enough process also makes it impossible to deliver enterprise software without making many mistakes.

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Bob Aiello
Fine-Tuning and Expanding Your Mobile Test Plan

When new technology is introduced, QA teams usually have a period of scrambling to figure out how to support engineering efforts. Melissa Tondi identifies some key mobile challenges and talks about creating solutions to address them. The result: an efficient mobile test plan and minimal impact to the QA team.

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Melissa Tondi
Pick a Chicken: How to Prioritize and Get More Done

A project manager was having trouble with his list of projects, all of which were behind schedule. They were all vitally important, so he was in a state of thrash with too many options to choose from. Luckily, Payson Hall was able to help him—thanks to his childhood experiences chasing chickens on a farm.

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Payson Hall
The Value of Taking Breaks

Many people think breaks are a waste of time; if you keep working, they reason, you'll get more done. But what is the quality of that work? And how do you feel at the end of the day? Breaks are beneficial to you and to your work. You can refresh yourself, gain a new perspective, and evaluate what you've done.

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Johanna Rothman
Traveling Light: Pare Down Software to Move Faster

If you take time to examine every part of your development process, you'll probably be surprised at how many nonessential things go into your software. Kickoffs, estimations, insurance, workarounds, changes ... All these little extras add up to big things that slow you down. It's time to get lean again.

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Matthew Heusser
The Top 5 Test Automation Mistakes

Test automation is a valuable process, but it can be difficult to integrate into your existing test strategy. Melissa Tondi talked to hundreds of people about the biggest mistakes they’ve made when automating. Here are five of the most popular answers—and advice on how we can stop repeating these mistakes.

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Melissa Tondi
Look to Corporate Standards to Guide Your Organization

In large organizations with distributed teams, departments can have their own procedures, acting as if they are in completely isolated silos. One approach to solving this issue is establishing corporate standards. Tap the models of widely used standards to create practical guidance for your own organization.

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Bob Aiello