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Six-Hour Workdays: As Great As They Sound?

Companies in Sweden are experimenting with shifting to a six-hour workday. If employees have less time to do their work, they won't dabble in personal, time-wasting activities, so the same amount of work will still get done as in an eight-hour workday—or so the thinking goes. Would you try a six-hour workday?

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Naomi Karten
How the Right Tools Can Help You Overcome Common Agile Pain Points

Agile is a major undertaking for any business as it requires significant changes, and there are a number of issues that teams can experience along the way. Sanjay Zalavadia looks at some common agile pain points and how the right tools can help organizations overcome these issues.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
What Do You Believe?

Many people in the agile community believe their way of doing agile is the only right way. This is supported by confirmation bias, which lets us only see facts that support our beliefs. We deserve data-based approaches to determine what leads to the best outcomes. Can you look beyond your personal beliefs?

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Johanna Rothman
QA's Role in Enhancing Application Performance During Holiday Sales

Thanksgiving sales are now not only a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday event but also something that runs during most of November. With such huge volumes of sales happening within a short period of time, the availability and performance of applications is one parameter that is closely tracked.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Standing Is Better Than Sitting—and Not Just for Your Health

In case you haven't heard, sitting is bad. Doctors say if you sit for long hours at your job, the amount of time spent exercising doesn’t counteract all the time you spend sitting. Standing is better for your health, but research suggests standing also improves productivity and creativity and boosts energy.

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Naomi Karten
Keynotes Recap from the Agile, Better Software & DevOps Conferences

Last week was the Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conferences East in Orlando, Florida: a jam-packed week with more than a hundred learning and networking opportunities. Here, we recap three of the keynote presentations, about scaling agile, experimental development, and continuous everything.

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Sandy Sidhu
DevOps or NoOps: Can You Have Too Much Automation?

Some DevOps thought leaders have been promoting “NoOps,” which is the notion that IT resources can be provisioned in a fully automated way that does not require operations engineers to manage. There have been notable successes with this approach, but also some challenges. Can you have too much automation?

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Bob Aiello
Testing Isn't Dead, but Agile Has Changed It for Good

The adoption of agile—which has taken place within both small teams and massive organizations—has changed the tester’s role. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time for testers to pack up their things and sulk out the door. The “testing is dead” narrative doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Josiah Renaudin