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Top 10 Most-Read TechWell Insights Articles of 2020


Many organizations are restructuring their teams, and several of this year’s most-read articles reflect that, with the most popular articles being about defining the roles of test managers, managers, and technical leads in an agile organization. Software development professionals also examined their computer system resources, with the two most-read articles being about choosing a host OS and cloud computing. For a handy reference of the top ten most-read articles of 2020, click here for the infographic.  


10. 7 Essential Quality Attributes for Your Test Automation Framework

By: Iryna Suprun

A common problem in software is that developers and designers tend to concentrate on pure functionality and neglect quality attributes. These are the famous “-abilities”: usability, reliability, portability, etc. If your testing framework is suffering, you might want to check if it has these seven quality attributes. Read the article.


9. The Role of the Test Manager in Agile

By: Jeffery Payne

In traditional software processes, test managers are responsible for all management aspects of their team. Agile, however, is self-directed, so teams handle all the usual duties. Still, there is a role for test managers in agile, and it’s much more strategic than it was before. Here are the opportunities for the role. Read the article


8. OWASP Releases Latest Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities

By: Pamela Rentz

The growing list of internet-connected devices bring amazing benefits, but the sharing of valuable information that brings this convenience also brings security concerns. The Open Web Application Security Project has released its Top 10 Internet of Things 2018 list of the highest-priority issues. Read the article.


7. The Manager’s Role on a Self-Organizing Agile Team

By: Steve Berczuk

Scrum and other agile methods focus on team roles and dynamics, and because of the emphasis on self-organizing teams, there’s sometimes a misconception that there’s no need for a manager. In reality, good people management can help an agile team thrive—the manager just has to know how to empower the team. Read the article.


6. A Checklist for Managing Go-Live Decisions and Risks

By: Payson Hall 

If you have to replace a complex existing data system in production, decisions about when and whether to go live should be treated with gravity and care. One process that can help keep you honest is developing checklists that describe very clearly what is expected to be accomplished and verified at each milestone. Read the article


5. Testing the Requirements: A Guide to Requirements Analysis

By: Evgeny Tkachenko

Everyone knows testing requirements is important, and everyone says they do it, but it seems like no one knows exactly how. The best way to solve this problem is to introduce a requirements analysis stage that has to be done before coding starts. No one knows a product as well as a tester who works with it every day! Read the article.


4. Do’s and Don’ts for Having a Technical Lead on a Scrum Team

By: Steve Berczuk

Technical leads can be useful, both within the dev team and as a go-between. But is that a good idea on a Scrum team, which should be self-organizing? There is nothing wrong with having a technical lead on your team, as long as the role doesn’t impede the team. Here's where a tech lead can help or hurt a Scrum team. Read the article.


3. Doodle Your Way to Improved Focus and Concentration

By: Naomi Karten

If you're stuck in a boring meeting and having trouble paying attention, there's an unlikely activity that could help you focus: doodling. Sketching or drawing keeps the brain active during discussions and can help you relieve stress, improve productivity, and even better recall what you're listening to. Read the article.


2. Choosing a Linux Distribution for Docker Containers

By: Deepak Vohra

In the Linux operating system, each Docker container does not use a complete operating system kernel; multiple Docker containers can share the same one. Which Linux distribution should you use as the host? Let’s look at the factors that govern the choice of a host OS, as well as the Linux to run within a Docker container. Read the article.


1. 6 Major Challenges of Cloud Computing

By: Ray Parker

Companies of all sizes depend on cloud computing to store important data. However, significant factors such as cost, reliability, and security must not be overlooked. Here are six common challenges you should consider—and develop plans to mitigate—before implementing cloud computing technology. Read the article.

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