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Disaster Your Project Might Be in Trouble If...

 As I start my fifth decade working on projects, primarily in the IT and software development space, I wanted to share some patterns I have observed that suggest a project is in trouble, Jeff Foxworthy style.

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Payson Hall
Learning Contracted IT Projects: A Primer for Client Project Managers

If you’ve never managed an IT project for your organization that had significant work outsourced to a vendor, what’s learned on the job can be VERY painful and VERY expensive. Here are some things to watch out for.


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Payson Hall
poison A Tale of Toxic Sponsorship

It is difficult to succeed without effective sponsorship—and almost impossible if your sponsor is toxic, as this true tale explains.

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Payson Hall
Risk Project Management Schedule Risk Analysis

Building schedules for complex projects is challenging. While the results are never perfect, credible schedules are a useful communication and coordination device. Incredible schedules are a dangerous waste of time and energy that damage a project manager’s credibility and cost an enterprise a fortune.

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Payson Hall
Agile team coming up with three-point estimate for a project 3 Questions for Easier, Less Stressful Project Estimates

In agile development, the idea of precise estimates is unrealistic. But estimates are needed to inform decision-makers about whether it's worth solving a problem as it is currently understood. It sounds counterintuitive, but instead of asking for one estimate of cost and schedule, ask for three. Here's why it's more useful.

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Payson Hall
Encrypted code on a computer screen Cybersecurity Tips for Project Managers

A project manager must be aware of the dangers the software faces if they are to be effective in its defense while managing their project. A lot of the data they're dealing with can be extremely sensitive. Let’s look at some tips that every project manager should pay attention to in order to protect their project.

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Douglas Parker
Project manager sitting at a table with a team 3 Problem-Solving Techniques for Project Managers

Managing software development projects involves a lot of moving parts. You might come across bottlenecks and challenges to goals and objectives, and you need resolute methods for expediently addressing such issues. Here are three proven tools and techniques for managing time, planning resources, and solving problems.

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Melissa Calvert
Two agile teammates using a kanban board with sticky notes Is the Problem with Your Agile Tool, or How You’re Using It?

While using index cards and a wall can function just fine as a kanban or Scrum board, issue-tracking tools such as Jira can make it easier to manage a backlog, especially with a distributed team. But these tools are more complex to use and can add their own overhead to the process. You need to keep things simple.

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Steve Berczuk