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An airplane in flight, photo by Andrew Palmer What Aircrews Can Teach DevOps Teams

Aircrews learn a set of skills involving a structured way of communicating that breaks down barriers and forces an honest evaluation of the issues. They also automate what they can but still practice their craft over and over again, including what do do during failures. DevOps teams can learn a lot from aircrews.

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Peter Varhol Gerie Owen
Microphone on a stage for a keynote presentation 4 Lessons from the STARWEST 2018 Keynote Presentations

With a week full of sessions, tutorials, training classes, and events, the STARWEST software testing conference had plenty of takeaways useful for your professional and personal life. Here are four lessons distilled from the conference’s keynote presentations on testing, communication, and directing your career.

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Owen Gotimer
Annoying coworker talking loudly on the phone How to Deal with Coworkers' Irritating Behaviors like an Adult

Annoying behaviors are amplified in an office due to close quarters and personal preferences. No one likes to have an awkward conversation—especially when it’s with someone you have to face every day—but if a coworker's behavior is driving you up the wall, be a grown-up and let them know. Here's what to say.

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Naomi Karten
A mentor and mentee talking and looking at a laptop 5 Tips for Mentoring Future Mentors

Being a mentor is a big responsibility. It becomes a greater one when the person you're mentoring is set to become a mentor to someone else. What advice would you impart to your mentee? What do you wish you'd thought of when you were starting out as a mentor? Payson Hall distilled his experience into five principles.

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Payson Hall
A businessperson and a customer shaking hands Communicating to Customers That You Care

How can you communicate caring to your customers if your job doesn’t lend itself to demonstrating in person how hard you’re trying? Fortunately, showing evidence of caring is not about scurrying around; it’s about interacting with customers in a way that says you’re listening to them and taking their needs seriously.

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Naomi Karten
Consultant talking to a software professional Wisdom from Consulting: Getting and Vetting Advice

When you hire a consultant, they may appear to have a wealth of experience and knowledge—and may actually have it. But accepting their advice without question is dangerous. Here are some good practices to keep in mind when you're receiving advice, including asking questions, exploring alternatives, and analyzing risks.

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Payson Hall
Gerald Weinberg, photo by Corey Grusden The Importance of People in Software: A Tribute to Jerry Weinberg

Gerald Weinberg's work inspired many to be better engineers and better leaders. Although he’s no longer with us, his message about the role of people in building quality software lives on in his writings and in those who have learned from him. Here, Steve Berczuk recalls some of Jerry Weinberg's most influential books.

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Steve Berczuk
Clipboard with customer feedback indicating good and bad experiences The Right Way to Respond to Customer Feedback

Due to time constraints and other logistical issues, it’s not always possible to respond to customers about their feedback. But when it is possible, the impact on the customers can be strongly positive if you make your response personal. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you gather customer feedback.

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Naomi Karten