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What's in the Summer 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

With our upcoming STARCANADA, STARWEST, and Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference East conferences, we have lined up some incredible presentations and workshops. This issue of Better Software hits home with best practices that I am confident will improve your skills in a variety of categories, including agile, testing, DevOps, and process.

Rather than report the latest happenings with a specific operating system, programming language, or device, Better Software’s mission is to present information that will better your professional lives so that you and your team can deliver software technology that delights customers.

Ever wonder what makes some software products easy to use and others confusing? As more software technology runs on a variety of platforms—from wearables to tablets to desktops—the importance of a great user experience (UX) should become a necessary part of design. Chris Nodder, an expert in UX, will convince you of the importance of incorporating UX early in your agile project.

Our cover article from Dorothy Graham and Seretta Gamba presents an innovative approach to applying test automation patterns to identify and mitigate defects. Speaking of testing, Jennifer Gosden speaks the truth on the risk you take on when you don’t fix low-severity problems.

In keeping with our recent trend of showing how other job functions relate to software development, Joy Beatty and James Hulgan present a compelling perspective on the importance of business analysis to the success of your project. If you’re still not really sure how DevOps relates to most every software development project, you’re going to enjoy Chris Riley’s article. And as if technical obstacles weren’t enough for all of us to contend with, Johanna Rothman presents some good advice on properly setting expectations when responding to what your manager really wants.

We truly value your feedback. Let us and our authors know what you think of the articles by leaving your comments. I sincerely hope you enjoy this issue!

From the staff who brings you Better Software, we’ll see you at the upcoming TechWell conferences.

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