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Encrypted code on a computer screen Cybersecurity Tips for Project Managers

A project manager must be aware of the dangers the software faces if they are to be effective in its defense while managing their project. A lot of the data they're dealing with can be extremely sensitive. Let’s look at some tips that every project manager should pay attention to in order to protect their project.

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Douglas Parker
A computer keyboard lit up red, photo by Taskin Ashiq 6 Ways to Protect Your Organization from DDoS Attacks

During a DDoS attack, no one can use your application, which will result in loss of business. Brand reputation also tumbles if customers can't access your site or become casualties of the data breaches. However, there are some proven practices for preventing DDoS attacks—and for what to do if you fall victim to one.

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Pradeep Parthiban
Cyber security 4 Cyber-Security Actions to Protect from Attacks

With breaches and computer hacks, companies constantly need to keep information safe. If there are loopholes in your security process, you are putting your product—and customers—at risk. Here are four actions every security-conscious company and individual should implement to avoid becoming a victim of cyber attacks.

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Ray Parker
Google’s Project Zero Recruits Bug Hunters to Protect the Internet

Calling Internet security a “top priority,” Google announced Project Zero, its new security research team dedicated solely to ferreting out potential targeted attacks—such as the Heartbleed bug—that can affect a significant number of people.

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Pamela Rentz
Is the Era of Antivirus Software Over?

Brian Dye, Symantec's senior vice president of information security, recently declared that "antivirus is dead." These remarks from Symantec, which invented commercial antivirus software, caused a stir in the security industry. Have we really come to the point where antivirus software is not needed?

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Anuj Magazine
Cyber Attacks on Adobe Jeopardize Customers and US Agencies

Bad news hit Adobe Systems earlier this month. Chief security officer Brad Arkin writes that the San Jose-based software company suffered some serious cyber attacks on its network, resulting in “illegal access of customer information as well as source code for numerous Adobe products.”

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Jonathan Vanian
Recruiting Special Ops Code Slingers

Malware attacks are a growing concern in government circles—so much so that a recent report suggests that the United States Department of Homeland Security is considering establishing a cyber reserve of computer security experts who could be called upon in the event of a crippling cyber attack.

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Pamela Rentz
The Financial System and Biological Suicide

The US financial system has been severally impacted by many outages in recent months. These banking technology glitches have been described as a form of "biological suicide," which highlights the dangers of banks continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems.

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Bob Aiello