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crystal ball Predictive Analytics to Give Quality Engineering a Facelift

Test automation is only as smart as we design it to be, but automation combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning is what can enable predictive analytics to produce smart outcomes—and that is the facelift quality engineering will soon receive.

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Mukesh Sharma
optimization Lessons from the Lovable Losers on Optimizing Your Test Engine

The Chicago Cubs’ championship win in 2016 signaled the end of the long-running debate on the use of analytics in Major League Baseball. Analytics had won. Meanwhile, the emergence of analytics in the business world has been just as swift. Is analytics the next generation of test automation?

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Geoff Meyer
How Technology in Sports Is Becoming a Game-Changer

Sports is one discipline where technology adoption has been growing tremendously in recent years, and 2015 is shaping up to be an important year in building a pronounced acceptance for technology across many sports disciplines—for the teams, the leagues, and even sports fans themselves.

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Bharathan Venka...
Microsoft's Cortana Assistant Using Bing to Predict the World Cup

We might finally have a successor to Paul the octopus. Microsoft's Cortana, which acts as a strong competitor to Apple's Siri companion, has predicted the last four World Cup games successfully. Its complex system that takes into account a handful of key metrics has the US team losing to Belgium.

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Josiah Renaudin
Amazon's Anticipatory Shipping Model Explained

Amazon made headlines recently with its new patent for an anticipatory shipping model. The model predicts what users would likely buy, when they would buy it, and where they would need it. Rajini Padmanaban examines Amazon's anticipatory shipping model and what it means for predictive analytics.

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Rajini Padmanaban