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Comparing apples and oranges Why Process Standardization Is a Terrible Idea

Having a standard process everyone uses makes sense in theory. You could compare metrics and progress across teams and projects. But it practice, it becomes like comparing apples and oranges. Teams aren't all the same, and neither are projects. Each team need its own optimized way to deliver value.

Johanna Rothman's picture
Johanna Rothman
Five-star app rating Developing Mobile Apps: Focus on Features, Not Ratings

Does your team desperately want to have a five-star app? If so, you are chasing the wrong goal. Relative measures of quality are better because they can be adapted to your own situation. Instead of asking “How can we get five stars?” you should be asking “How can we get more stars than the competition?"

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Jason Arbon
artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Future of Testing

Agile has fundamentally changed the way we talk about testing. However, something that isn’t discussed as often, yet might be just as critical to the future direction of the industry, is artificial intelligence. In the world of testing, it’s easy to see how AI can be exceptionally useful.

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Josiah Renaudin
tester dream Virtualization—A Tester's Dream?

For testers, virtual machines can be a game changer. To what degree the game really changes depends largely on how an organization decides to work with virtual machines and how active the testers themselves are in recognizing and leveraging virtual machines’ possibilities.

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Hans Buwalda
Woman listening Develop Your Listening Skills to Become a Better Leader

Listening is key to effective people management and professional mastery, but it may be the most underrated leadership skill. Having a model for what good listening is, and some techniques to practice, can help you become not only a better listener, but also a better leader and learner.

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Steve Berczuk
Dictionary definition of persuasion How Not to Make a Persuasive Case

Persuasion skills can be learned just like any other skills, and they are a key part of being able to influence others to help you achieve your objectives. If you're looking to convince your manager or coworker of something, knowing what not to do or say is just as important. Here are some tips.

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Naomi Karten
Pushing System Performance with Stress Testing

In performance testing, the term “stress” can have several possible meanings and can represent several different types of stress. Dale Perry details some common methods of stress testing when testing system performance. The key is knowing which stress tests make sense in your situation.

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Dale Perry
Can Cryptocurrency Bring Positive Change?

Do you think cryptocurrency is the future of money? Will digital money that isn't run by any government or bank ever become trusted enough to use in our everyday lives? MIT is one institution that seems to think so.

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Pamela Rentz