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Walk/don't walk street sign Stop Releasing Untested Defect Fixes into Production

Releasing untested defect fixes into production is a real possibility. Being aware of how this can occur may help reduce the possibility of it happening. Let’s explore the common reasons defect fixes go untested—insufficient testing or resources, and undocumented fixes—as well as the steps we can take to prevent them.

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Janna Loeffler Testing in a Modern World: A Slack Takeover with Janna Loeffler

Thought leaders from the software community are taking over the TechWell Hub to answer questions and engage in conversations. Janna Loeffler, QE manager for Ultimate Software, hosted this Slack takeover and discussed all things testing, how the role of a tester is shifting, and navigating a career as a woman in tech.

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Colored blurred web scripts on a screen Machine Learning and Deep Learning: What's the Difference?

Many people think that machine learning and deep learning are each just a fancy way to say artificial intelligence, but that is a misconception. Both terms represent subsets of AI technology, but they are different, and their differences dictate the functionality and application of these two software solutions.

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Question mark drawn on a chalkboard To Be a Better Tester, Ask the Right Questions

Critical thinking is a core trait a software tester needs to succeed, and asking questions is a great skill to help. Questioning brings out the required information, breaks assumptions, and enables everyone on the team to give their perspectives. But there's an art to asking the right question at the right time.

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Code on a computer screen Pros and Cons of Codeless Test Automation

To create automated tests for software applications, testers have historically needed to be able to code in programming languages. Codeless testing eliminates the need for scripting from scratch every time, but in addition to its advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Is codeless automation right for your team?

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A ship with organized containers on deck Choosing a Container Orchestration Platform with Docker

Docker is the de facto container platform, supporting the microservices architecture for deploying loosely coupled applications. However, Docker supports several container orchestration platforms—which should you choose? Let’s look at some of the main platforms: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift, Mesos, and CFCR.

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Person creating tests with code 2 Ways to Get Better at Test Automation

Many people in testing roles want to grow their skills and learn to build some tests with code. But no matter how well you test, automation is programming work. If you want to get better at automation, your best bet is to get into a role where you are dealing with code. Here are two ways you can break in and learn.

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Tariq King Shaking Up Software Testing with AI: A Slack Takeover with Tariq King

Thought leaders from the software community are taking over the TechWell Hub to answer questions and engage in conversations. Tariq King, founder and CEO of Selftest IO, hosted this Slack takeover and discussed all things AI, including using it with legacy systems, how it affects test strategy, and boosting your tests.

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