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Inspiring Girls to Code: Role Models from Star Wars and CodeGirl

Where are the strong female role models that will inspire girls to embark on a technology career path? How can we make more young girls see that taking STEM classes can lead to important—and cool—professions? Several programs aim to answer the challenge.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
What Kind of Gamer Are You?

A new project called the Game and Mind Research (GAMR) is designed to explore if how someone performs in virtual worlds such as video games corresponds to their cognitive traits and behavior in everyday life.

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Pamela Rentz
DevOps Begins with Developers

The DevOps movement accelerates the delivery of high-quality features to customers. While that's great, there is a ton of work required to make it happen, with a high change curve to overcome—and perhaps the most critical change is to the way the developer works. Here's why this disruption is necessary.

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Adam Auerbach
The Internet of Things: Adapt Now or Get Left Behind

We’ve only scratched the surface of the Internet of Things. More and more objects you use on a daily basis will soon become a part of the Internet of Things ecosystem, giving companies new ways to communicate with consumers, and the consumers themselves more personalized experiences.

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Josiah Renaudin
Is Independent Testing Impacted by Increased Mobile App Development?

Independent testing is done by those not directly involved in developing the software. The trend of developers covering the entire app development process is popular now, but there's concern regarding whether a rise in app development will adversely impact the positioning of independent testing.

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Mukesh Sharma
NASA’s Technology Patents Spin Off to Startups

The government is offering startup companies interested in commercial applications of NASA technology the opportunity to license patented NASA technology with no up front payment. Access to intellectual property rights of the full NASA portfolio of active patents and patents pending is available.

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Pamela Rentz
The Importance of Customer Feedback to Building the Right Product

Customer feedback helps you adapt to what the customer finds valuable, ensuring you are building “the right product.” But many projects don't invite customers to iteration reviews; many don't conduct iteration reviews at all. If customers aren't giving feedback about your demos, then what are you adapting to?

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Mario Moreira
How Can We Get More Business Value Out of Software Development?

CIOs and software development managers can tell you what the budget is for a particular project. But what about the value delivered by a software project? Does your organization make that consideration? The Value Visualization Framework can help you define and track that important factor.

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Michael Harris