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Five-star app rating Why Your Software Team Shouldn’t Aim for a Five-Star App Rating

Star ratings are important, but many teams are so focused on that metric that it is killing their apps and hurting their business. Having a five-star rating stops innovation, puts teams under pressure, and can even get you fired. Here's why you shouldn't obsess over that perfect score.

Jason Arbon's picture
Jason Arbon
Know a Girl Who Wants to Change the World w/ Code?

To inspire more young women to pursue careers in STEM, every year Technovation invites girls from around the world to solve real-world problems through technology. In partnership with Google's Made w/ Code and UN Women, the Technovation Challenge 2017 has set some lofty goals.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
Five-star app rating Developing Mobile Apps: Focus on Features, Not Ratings

Does your team desperately want to have a five-star app? If so, you are chasing the wrong goal. Relative measures of quality are better because they can be adapted to your own situation. Instead of asking “How can we get five stars?” you should be asking “How can we get more stars than the competition?"

Jason Arbon's picture
Jason Arbon
Can Cryptocurrency Bring Positive Change?

Do you think cryptocurrency is the future of money? Will digital money that isn't run by any government or bank ever become trusted enough to use in our everyday lives? MIT is one institution that seems to think so.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
leadership Sustaining Market Leadership Is No Easy Feat

Sustaining market leadership in today’s dynamic environment is no easy feat. While it has the benefits of attracting top talent, allowing better access to funds, enabling greater geographical reach, and the ability to influence the market, there are definite downsides to being the market leader.

Rajini  Padmanaban's picture
Rajini Padmanaban
How to Use the Mobile Revolution to Bolster Your Career

If you’re a professional within the industry and fail to take advantage of a sea change like mobile, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity. Its growth curve continues to spike, and there are still countless ways you can leverage mobile to inspire fresh career opportunities.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
Google’s Arts & Culture App Brings the Art World to Your Phone

The online cultural world launched in 2012 by Google has steadily expanded, and now the Google Cultural Institute and its growing list of partner organizations offer up even more artwork, interesting artifacts, and content from more than 1000 museums, archives, and organizations via website and app.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
Developing and Testing IoT and Embedded Systems: Questions to Ask

Self-driving cars are the new big thing, and the operational and environment scenarios these vehicles will encounter are practically infinite. How we should develop and test these systems is a big question, and there are no easy answers. But Jon Hagar has some ideas about where to start.

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Jon Hagar