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Software Project Management Stories
Third rail of a train track The ‘Third Rail’ of Project Management: Cutting Quality

Scope, schedule, and resources: Whether you’re using agile or more traditional project management approaches, this triple constraint is the law of the project universe. The unmentionable “third rail” of project management trade-offs is compromising quality to deal with the other two aspects. Don't make that an option.

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Payson Hall
Project manager going over the project objectives with the team 7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

Project managers are in charge of planning, supervising, and verifying the work of the project team to ensure the project’s goals and success criteria are met. The challenge is to achieve all this within project constraints. The best project managers know how to keep it all balanced. Here are seven of their top skills.

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Frank Hamilton
Man scuba diving underwater Sunk Cost: Knowing When to Call It Quits

Acknowledging that a product isn't ready to ship may seem like a simple call—if it isn't the desired quality by the target date, why not pull the plug? But when you start considering all the effort, time, and money you've already invested, it becomes harder to make that decision. Here's a story to help you remember.

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Payson Hall
Hand holding a globe 5 Steps to Successful Remote Project Management

As the workforce gets more distributed, project management is becoming a challenge. Managing a group of people sitting in the same office is hard enough; the increasing trend of remote work is making everything even more complicated. But if you take these five actions, you can have successful remote project management.

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Vartika Kashyap
An open notebook in front of a computer Why Project Managers Need Exceptional Writing Skills

The project manager’s role is to ensure the project is done efficiently and effectively. The modern project manager needs to have great communication skills to convey the essentials of the project, and most of this communication is done through writing. Here are some examples when good writing skills will help.

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Paul Bates
Black swan The Black Swan Myth Actually Devalues Expertise

People love to hear how someone with no formal training solved a problem that stumped experts because they weren't tainted by years of experience. These "black swan" stories are the exception, though, not the rule, and they can be dangerous because they trivialize hard work and study. Most times, you want an expert.

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Payson Hall
A project team bumping fists 6 Ways to Build Strong Relationships on Your Project Team

When you form a new team to tackle a major project, the project's success hinges not just on the technical savvy of the team members, but also—and especially—on how well the team members get along. How everyone communicates and collaborates can make or break your project. Here's how to build strong team relationships.

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Naomi Karten
Looking upward at trees in a forest Scrum Can Help You See the Forest and the Trees

In project management, it's easy to focus on details to the extent that you lose track of the larger goal. Scrum can help you identify flaws and gaps, and skipping or trivializing Scrum events will just hide the fact that there are things you need to improve. Finding problems is something to be celebrated, not hidden.

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Steve Berczuk