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Cover of the fall 2016 issue of Better Software magazine What’s in the Fall 2016 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

In the cover feature article of the fall 2016 issue of Better Software magazine, “The Evolution of Software Monetization,” Michael Zunke details how software vendors misfire in an attempt to balance protection of their intellectual property with complicated software licensing schemes that frustrate customers.

Ken Whitaker's picture
Ken Whitaker
Servant leadership The Art of People Facilitation: Servant Leadership and Team Dynamics

Some senior level staff in various organizations struggle to embrace certain modern concepts of leadership and facilitation. Emotional intelligence, observation, and skilled listening all play into modern servant leadership. It is a new art among agile managers, but it's an art we can all learn.

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Robert Woods
Should You Cancel Your Next Meeting?

Of course meetings are often necessary, but sometimes they are just rituals without meaning. At your job, would anyone recognize if a meeting weren't efficient or essential? When was the last time a meeting you were scheduled to attend was canceled because it wasn’t a good use of anyone’s time?

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Payson Hall
Expanded Schedules Pose Project Management Risks, Too

We're all aware of the risks from projects that have overly aggressive schedules. But projects with leisurely schedules have risks, too. Extending a timeframe is supposed to give you more time to create quality products, but it can also lead to procrastination, changing teams and expectations, and more.

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Payson Hall
Scaling Agile: Reasonable Practices for Program Management

In a big push to scale agile, it can help to think of scaling agile as program management, or coordinating projects where the value is in the overall deliverable. Consider how you can deliver your product one small, finished bit at a time. If you deliver value as often as possible, you see real results.

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Johanna Rothman
The Best Way to Communicate Project Quality Concerns

When you encounter quality concerns in a project, it's important to let management know. But building an overly detailed list of faults and shortcomings undermines the impact of the important points and muddles communication. To effectively convey the crucial issues, you have to prioritize.

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Payson Hall
Go-Live Lessons: The Path from Software Development to Production

On systems integration projects where a vendor is building or configuring a system for a client, you sometimes cross the canyon from development to production and maintenance in several smaller bounds rather than one big leap. A warranty period after go-live can help stakeholders confidently monitor quality.

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Payson Hall
Software Project Management: The Responsibility of Communicating Quality Trade-Offs

Some requirements are negotiable, even if it sounds like they aren’t. But expectations have to be managed carefully to avoid problems. Payson Hall explains that when executives agree to sacrifice quality in order to hit a deadline, it's up to the team to ensure they understand the tradeoff and possible risks.

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Payson Hall