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Software Project Management Stories
Risk management checklist A Checklist for Managing Go-Live Decisions and Risks

If you have to replace a complex existing data system in production, decisions about when and whether to go live should be treated with gravity and care. One process that can help keep you honest is developing checklists that describe very clearly what is expected to be accomplished and verified at each milestone.

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Payson Hall
Project manager smiles while pointing to action items on sticky notes 5 Ways to Improve Your Project Management

As a project manager, it's your job to cut through the noise to make clear objectives for your projects. But it’s not so easy to do, especially when your superiors or board are politely “suggesting” another action item. Help your team stay on track with these five tips to move more efficiently through your projects.

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Josh Spilker
A group of people all putting their hands in the middle A Primer for IT Project Sponsors: 10 Steps for Success

Much time has been spent examining the project manager’s role in IT project success, but the role and duties of project sponsors are often overlooked—even though sponsors are an essential element of success (and failure). Here are ten rights and obligations a project sponsor should perform to improve project success.

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Payson Hall
An organized desk with computer, planner, calendar, and more Stress and Project Management: 5 Ways to Relieve Project Pressure

Project managers have many sources of stress. They are responsible for the performance of their team members, and often for whether a project is successful or fails. Keep the pressure off with these five tips for reducing your stress and ensure a smoothly functioning team.

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Krystle Dickerson
Tortoise walking slowly through grass, photo by Luca Ambrosi Slow Down to Speed Up

Have you ever heard someone say, “How is it we never have time to do it right but we always have time to do it over?” When we rush to complete work, that's often when errors happen. It may seem counterintuitive, but slowing down may be one of the best ways to get the job done quickly—and right the first time.

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Naomi Karten
Woman examining a contract for new software When Buying New Software, Make Sure You're Getting What You Really Need

The first step in any significant software procurement is to assure there is a clear definition of the business problem being solved. If you don’t know what you want, you aren’t prepared to negotiate for it, so you'll end up with a system or tool that isn't what you need—and you'll likely be disappointed at delivery.

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Payson Hall
Man covering his eyes while throwing a dart The Dangers of Underplanning in Your Agile Projects

Agile coaches often stress the importance of not overplanning because work is later changed or never done at all. But consequently, many teams then fall victim to underplanning and aren't equipped for a successful project. Here are some planning activities that are critical to do before your sprints start.

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Jeffery Payne
Plane coming in for a landing, photo by Sebastian Grochowicz How Do We Land This Thing? Planning for Go-Live and Beyond

Some project managers have little experience bringing a project in for a landing, so they can be dismayed or just blindsided by organizational change needs and stakeholders’ expectations at delivery. Here is a checklist of some commonly forgotten items to address when a project goes live, so be sure to plan for them.

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Payson Hall