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Test and QA Stories
QA's Role in Enhancing Application Performance During Holiday Sales

Thanksgiving sales are now not only a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday event but also something that runs during most of November. With such huge volumes of sales happening within a short period of time, the availability and performance of applications is one parameter that is closely tracked.

Rajini  Padmanaban's picture
Rajini Padmanaban
Testing Isn't Dead, but Agile Has Changed It for Good

The adoption of agile—which has taken place within both small teams and massive organizations—has changed the tester’s role. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time for testers to pack up their things and sulk out the door. The “testing is dead” narrative doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Josiah Renaudin
Calculating the Cost of Failure

What is the cost to your business of an outage due to a major bug? Usually it's calculated as mean time between failures multiplied by mean time to recovery. But what if you could deploy to a limited number of users and monitor effects? Then the equation includes a third variable: number of users impacted.

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Matthew Heusser
Designing Data-Driven Tests with Keywords for Automation Success

When automated tests are well-organized and written with the necessary detail, they can be very efficient and maintainable. But designing automated tests that deal with data can be particularly challenging. Tests need certain base data to be available and in a predictable state when they run.

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Hans Buwalda
Quality in Quantity: How App Quality Is Now Everyone’s Responsibility

Quality has increasingly become a responsibility for not just one single segment of the team, but the team as a whole. It’s important for each member of a team to have some hand in making sure that what’s being developed works as intended as it goes through each individual progression.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
What Is the ROI of Test Automation?

Test automation ROI is usually calculated by hours saved times an hourly rate. If automation is displacing manual effort, then that produces savings, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Automation isn't free, and it doesn't displace manual testing. So, how do you calculate the ROI for test automation?

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Linda Hayes
Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Manual Testing?

Automation helps you save time and make ideal use of your resources with constant and ongoing test executions. However, there are certain testing scenarios where automation does not prove handy. How important are these scenarios? Is automation great enough to warrant making manual testing a thing of the past?

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Sunil Sehgal
Where Are All the Great Software Testers?

It can be difficult to find great software testers for senior roles; often, the people you want to hire are the ones who are already gainfully employed. Michael Sowers gives his suggestions for identifying qualified and experienced software engineers who can deliver on senior testing role accountabilities.

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Michael Sowers