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gloved hands on keyboard Do Your Part—Engage in Cyber Hygiene

Cyber crimes can be more alarming and can have a more devastating impact than even some physical crimes. Consulting firms have stated that cyber crimes are the fastest growing economic crimes today, with a 20 percent increase since 2014.

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Mukesh Sharma
man ski jumping Software Success Depends on Getting Your App Properly Tested from the Jump

Quality can’t be just another box you need to check off at the very bottom of your to-do list. If you don’t properly test your application—whether that’s through traditional manual work or strategic automation—there’s a significant chance the final product won’t find a real audience.

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Josiah Renaudin
Start here Where to Begin with Test Automation

Most test teams want to try automation for some tasks in order to be more efficient, but it can be daunting. If you are wondering where to start automating, the answer is usually as close to the code as you can possibly get. The farther you get from the code, the more you expose yourself to issues.

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Justin Rohrman
Fundamental building blocks for a test team 3 Fundamentals of a Successful Testing Team

When it comes to equipping a QA team to reduce risk, test quality, and deliver world-class products, there are more important things than tools. Fundamentals such as a common language, core testing concepts, and a smart automation strategy are essential to setting up testing teams for success.

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Greg Paskal
holding tools Your Test Automation Framework Is Just as Important as Your Tools

If you don’t have the proper automation framework, the actual tools you use don’t pack near as powerful a punch. This framework allows you to better organize your reports and develop metrics through your test automation.

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Josiah Renaudin
Mobile and IoT platforms Mobile and IoT Challenges: What Testers Need to Know to Improve Their Careers

Many of the skills and knowledge areas that testers have in the IT, web, PC, and even mobile world will have application in the IoT. However, there are some knowledge domains that may be new or have some twists, and if testers understand them, they will be able to separate themselves from other job seekers.

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Jon Hagar
Delivering Successful Software Requires You to Fail Faster

The concept of failing has changed from something people dread to a necessary part of creating secure, functioning applications. That means that you don’t want to have one major failure at the very end of the development lifecycle—you need to continue to fail before release to find real success.

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Josiah Renaudin
man multitasking with eight arms How to Choose the Right Test Cases to Maximize Efficiency

For test teams, throwing every test case in the book at a project isn't practical or necessary. By understanding test design techniques and what to look for in a good test case, teams can choose the ones right for their requirements and improve their testing efficiency.

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Sanjay Zalavadia