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Testing and Quality Assurance

Test and QA Stories
Promoting Sustainable Test Automation

Truly sustainable test automation imparts minimal impact on people and processes over the years. It is achieved by deploying automation frameworks that shield testers and processes from the automation tools and technologies that are constantly evolving. Carl Nagle tells you how to attain long-term success.

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Carl Nagle
Improving Product Quality throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Good, efficient communication is an important asset to the team. With focused, pure, and structured data on product quality, including all of the self-documenting steps of a given check, it’s clearly known what’s working and what the verifications are. Matt Griscom shows how you can get this level of clarity.

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Matt Griscom
How Performance Testing Stands Apart

Performance testing is fundamentally different from other types of tests, especially functional testing. Performance testing does not utilize test cases as we typically see them. Dale Perry details how to create a successful performance test, including designing an operational profile and load-based tests.

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Dale Perry
Jelly Beans and Defect Classification: Different Strategies for Success

When there’s a bowl of jelly beans, some people grab a few at random, but most of us have favorites. If you're crafty and have flexible standards, you can maximize consumption by adjusting your criteria as colors dwindle. Classifying defects should not be like choosing jelly beans; you need firm standards.

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Payson Hall
Handling a Check Failure in Test Automation

What happens on your team when a check (what some call “automated test”) fails? Regression tests or checks that are effective toward managing quality risk must be capable of sending action items outside the test/QA team quickly. How do you provide fast, trustworthy quality communications from your team?

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Matt Griscom
Test Design for Automation: Anti-Patterns

Just like with design patterns, anti-patterns can benefit from a short and catchy name to make them easy to remember and talk about. Hans Buwalda shares a list of typical situations seen in tests that can harm automation and names for them.

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Hans Buwalda
A Tester’s Guide to Dealing with Scrummerfall

If you’ve been a tester on an agile team, you’ve probably experienced “Scrummerfall” behavior—a cross between Scrum and waterfall. There isn’t really any collaboration, and there's too much work in progress during each sprint. Bob Galen tells you how planning can help you avoid it.

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Bob Galen
Providing Visibility into Testing Processes That Matter

If the goal of a tester's customer report is to figure out what needs fixing, how close you are to shipping, or how much time you need to do additional testing, the metrics provided often don't give any of those answers. Matt Heusser tells you how and why you need to focus your information.

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Matthew Heusser