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4 Questions to Audit API Security 4 Questions to Audit API Security

In the first half of 2021, API attacks had increased by 348%. With the proliferation of APIs, we have every reason to plan for an increase in the number and complexity of attacks. This questioning to API security provides lines of inquiry that lead to a better understanding of how APIs fit into security and business.

Ross Moore's picture
Ross Moore
The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing the IoT Today The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing the IoT Today

The Internet of Thing's rapid growth and prevalence has brought with it a host of unique challenges that have to be addressed as we continue to integrate it into our personal and professional lives. So, let’s look at why they exist, and possible solutions to them.

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Matthew Cooper
UAT Entrance Criteria: Don’t Negotiate Against Yourself UAT Entrance Criteria: Don’t Negotiate Against Yourself

An important component of any User Acceptance Testing (UAT) plan are the entry criteria. No complex data system will ever be perfect, but starting with lax entrance criteria puts the UAT team in a weak position.

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Payson Hall
Frustrated Customer And Now a Word from (One of) Your Customers…

A plea to software product owners to avoid adding buggy features or making capricious changes to your GUI. Quality matters, remember?

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Payson Hall
Articles Top 10 Most-Read TechWell Insights Articles of 2020

Many organizations are restructuring their teams, and several of this year’s most-read articles reflect that, with topics covering the roles within teams, along with technical topics as well.

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Allison Scholz
Five Five QA Must-Haves for Successful Software Project Implementation

A high-quality product is key to enhancing customer satisfaction. But to ensure outstanding solution quality, you’ll need a coherent QA strategy that will regulate key QA procedures. 

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Yana Yelina
Cell Tower 5G Network Quality Assurance and Testing

In the coming months, wireless service providers are going to invest and expand their footprint on 5G, making QA and testing the key player for customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and market sustainability.

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Srinivasan Sridharan
quality Are You Testing The Quality Into Your Software?

The test team shouldn’t have the onus to improve the software quality, rather the quality should already be built into the software.   A few subtle indicators can reveal if the quality isn’t being built into the software.

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Richard Estra