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Pushing System Performance with Stress Testing

In performance testing, the term “stress” can have several possible meanings and can represent several different types of stress. Dale Perry details some common methods of stress testing when testing system performance. The key is knowing which stress tests make sense in your situation.

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Dale Perry
automation Test Automation and When Enough Is Enough

There are endless reasons why your test team might need to make use of automation. However, even if we’re at a point where most people agree you need some sort of test automation to compete in today’s agile landscape, using automation indiscriminately leads to more headaches than benefits.

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Josiah Renaudin
feedback 3 Benefits of Collecting User Feedback Early

With agile software development, users are involved from the very beginning and are provided a minimum viable product to critique. A QA tool can be used to gather and organize user feedback while planning the next move. Sanjay Zalavadia highlights the benefits of collecting feedback early.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
future-proof How to Future-Proof Yourself in the Testing Field

The secret to making yourself invaluable as a tester isn’t learning how to see the future and forecast what will change the industry and what will fade away. In order to future-proof yourself, spend the time to add the skills you’re missing, and understand what might be coming on the horizon.

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Josiah Renaudin
A holistic view of test automation Agile Demands a Holistic View of Testing and Automation

Is your team struggling to transform your traditional testing methods, techniques, and tools in the context of an agile culture? The accountability for the right level of quality delivered at the right time belongs to the collective team. It's important to make decisions together about what value means.

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Michael Sowers
Changing the Narrative: Using Storytelling in Software Testing

Stories change how we think and how we perceive our surroundings. This applies at work, too. What narrative did we tell ourselves during that project? Do we tell ourselves we are worthy of succeeding, or does our story tell us to fail again? Here are some ways testers can use stories to their advantage.

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Isabel Evans
Automation Can’t Work without a Proper Testing Strategy

Simply saying, “Hey, make sure we have automated testing because that will fix everything” isn’t enough. If you don’t fully understand what needs to be automated, why it needs to be automated, and what tests should remain manual, you’re simply following fresh trends for the sake of looking relevant.

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Josiah Renaudin
How to Successfully Transition from Manual Testing to Full-Stack Automation

Transitioning from manual testing to full-stack automation is a noble, yet laborious journey. Thuc Nguyen provides a guide to aid in a successful transition from manual testing to full-stack automation. 

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Thuc Nguyen