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Automation Can’t Work without a Proper Testing Strategy

Simply saying, “Hey, make sure we have automated testing because that will fix everything” isn’t enough. If you don’t fully understand what needs to be automated, why it needs to be automated, and what tests should remain manual, you’re simply following fresh trends for the sake of looking relevant.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
How to Successfully Transition from Manual Testing to Full-Stack Automation

Transitioning from manual testing to full-stack automation is a noble, yet laborious journey. Thuc Nguyen provides a guide to aid in a successful transition from manual testing to full-stack automation. 

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Thuc Nguyen
Why Most Testers Hit a Developmental Wall

With automation, continuous integration, agile, and a slew of other testing innovations, the field has evolved into something new. However, one of the major issues that many testers are running into is that while the occupation itself is expanding, their own personal growth isn’t keeping pace.

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Josiah Renaudin
What It Takes to Be a Full-Stack Automation Engineer

Arm yourself with the knowledge to successfully transition from manual testing to a full-stack automation engineer. It’s a bold endeavor, which requires time, good navigation, and practice. The good news is that you don’t have to become an effective automation engineer overnight.

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Thuc Nguyen
4 Signs It Is Time to Reevaluate Your Testing Tool

Regardless of how you approach software testing at your organization, it is worth considering whether your testing tools and practices are becoming a burden to your team. Sanjay Zalavadia offers four signs to look for as you reevaluate your test software and consider possible replacements.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
The Tester’s Role: Balancing Technical Acumen and User Advocacy

If you’ve been in software testing for a while, you’ve likely seen the major shifts the industry has taken. Melissa Tondi identifies a couple of them in the history of testing and talks about their impact on the discipline, on jobs, and on what skills are sought after, as well as how to continue adding value.

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Melissa Tondi
Finding a Middle Ground between Exploratory Testing and Total Automation

The automator wants to get rid of human exploration—they want a robot to cut down a forest and stack the wood. The explorer, on the other hand, sees tools more like a chainsaw—they allow humans to go ten times faster, but a human is still driving the process. Finding a middle ground is the best test strategy.

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Matthew Heusser
How to Use the Mobile Revolution to Bolster Your Career

If you’re a professional within the industry and fail to take advantage of a sea change like mobile, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity. Its growth curve continues to spike, and there are still countless ways you can leverage mobile to inspire fresh career opportunities.

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Josiah Renaudin