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Test and QA Stories
Tricycle Testing in a Pair Programming Environment

If a development team does pair programming, where does testing fit in? You don't have to wait until the programming is done—testers can be part of the whole process, from code design to reviewing changes to production. Pair programming plus a good automation strategy mean quality is built in throughout development.

Justin Rohrman's picture
Justin Rohrman
looking through telescope Software Testing Trends for 2018

The software testing trends that are being predicted for the new year are all over the place. Rajini Padmanban looks at the predicted trends for software testing while also examining what she is already seeing as the common requests and needs in the field.

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Rajini Padmanaban
continuous arrows Continuous Testing, Continuous Variation

With the arrival of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), the notion of continuous testing is taking center stage. Knowing that comprehensive tests are running smoothly can be of benefit for the CI/CD pipeline. Using the repetitive character of CI/CD for testing can be a way to address issues.

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Hans Buwalda
ladybug Software Teams Aren’t Taking Bug Reporting Seriously Enough

Of the things that are being sacrificed for speed, proper bug reporting is high on the list. Because it’s so easy to quickly update applications on the fly and push out fixes within days or even hours rather than weeks or months, plenty of teams assume it’s OK to ship something with a high volume of bugs.

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Josiah Renaudin
teamwork Agile and Testing Change Can Come from Leaders at the Bottom, Not the Top

Change doesn’t need to be a decree from the top that forces everything else to follow suit. Change can and should start from the bottom, and that happens after you empower your developers and testers and clearly show why things like agile are critical to overall success.

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Josiah Renaudin
devops testing Why DevTestOps Might Be the Next Big Buzzword

The hope with any new concept is that it produces better results while removing certain tedious steps that might cause frustration along the way. While DevOps does change the way you test, you cannot forget that testing is still a major layer to your success.

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Josiah Renaudin
meaning Understanding the True Meaning of Quality

Day-to-day testing techniques, strategy, approach, and automation are all things that teams understand and will continue to implement, but how many teams understand the elements of purpose, belonging, transcendence, and storytelling as they apply to software quality?

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Mukesh Sharma
Programmer coding A Tester’s Guide to Choosing a Programming Language

Many testers want to learn a programming language, but how should they decide which one? Justin Rohrman suggests finding an authentic problem to solve and moving from there to determine which language would be best. You can also ask developer coworkers for suggestions and help—take advantage of available resources.

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Justin Rohrman