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Comparing apples and oranges Why Process Standardization Is a Terrible Idea

Having a standard process everyone uses makes sense in theory. You could compare metrics and progress across teams and projects. But it practice, it becomes like comparing apples and oranges. Teams aren't all the same, and neither are projects. Each team need its own optimized way to deliver value.

Johanna Rothman's picture
Johanna Rothman
feedback 3 Benefits of Collecting User Feedback Early

With agile software development, users are involved from the very beginning and are provided a minimum viable product to critique. A QA tool can be used to gather and organize user feedback while planning the next move. Sanjay Zalavadia highlights the benefits of collecting feedback early.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
Servant leadership The Art of People Facilitation: Servant Leadership and Team Dynamics

Some senior level staff in various organizations struggle to embrace certain modern concepts of leadership and facilitation. Emotional intelligence, observation, and skilled listening all play into modern servant leadership. It is a new art among agile managers, but it's an art we can all learn.

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Robert Woods
A holistic view of test automation Agile Demands a Holistic View of Testing and Automation

Is your team struggling to transform your traditional testing methods, techniques, and tools in the context of an agile culture? The accountability for the right level of quality delivered at the right time belongs to the collective team. It's important to make decisions together about what value means.

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Michael Sowers
When Can You Honestly Call Yourself Agile?

If you're working more iteratively and incrementally and things are better for your team and your customers, can you call yourself agile? As long as you're improving, does it really matter what you call yourself? Johanna Rothman says yes. Unless you're following the Agile Manifesto, you aren't truly agile.

Johanna Rothman's picture
Johanna Rothman
The Secret Life of Team Leads

Engineering an environment that helps teams do their best work can be difficult. When the team works well, it can deliver better, and helping teams deliver more effectively is what being a team lead is all about. However, this role also comes with some responsibilities and challenges that aren't always clear.

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Steve Berczuk
Scaling Agile: Reasonable Practices for Program Management

In a big push to scale agile, it can help to think of scaling agile as program management, or coordinating projects where the value is in the overall deliverable. Consider how you can deliver your product one small, finished bit at a time. If you deliver value as often as possible, you see real results.

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Johanna Rothman
Just Enough Testing at Each Stage of Your Delivery Pipeline

The continuous delivery pipeline should determine whether the software is a viable candidate for production. Having frequent quality gates along that pipeline that give frequent feedback about the quality of the software helps us find that answer faster. Short feedback loops ensure better product quality.

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Gene Gotimer