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Metrics dashboard A Lean, Flexible Measurement Dashboard for Agile and DevOps

If you’re moving from a more traditional software development approach to agile and DevOps, or if you’re struggling with implementing metrics, consider reviewing, revising, and refining your measurements. Leave those that add no value behind and look at a monitoring system that has these five essential categories.

Michael Sowers's picture
Michael Sowers
User stories Use Continuous Backlog Grooming to Refine Agile Requirements

Continuous backlog grooming means systematically refining your user stories: breaking up larger stories, obtaining detailed requirements, writing the requirements in terms of acceptance criteria and acceptance tests, and sharing and refining these details with the team. Acceptance test-driven development can help.

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Susan Brockley
iceberg of technical debt Technical Debt, Product Value, and Risk Management

Reports that the Equifax breach took advantage of a known issue in Apache Struts set the stage for a conversation about technical debt, product value, and risk management. Steve Berczuk shares his thoughts on how to help prioritize technical work in a way that balances short and long term value.

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Steve Berczuk
failure and success road signs Want to Become Agile? Get Ready to Make Countless Mistakes

It’s not easy, but to find success with agile, you need to become comfortable not only taking risks, but watching those risks lead to real failure. Not every idea is going to be a winner, but more often than not, those failures lead to an even greater success.

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Josiah Renaudin
Daily scrum standup meeting 4 Ways to Restore Purpose to Your Daily Scrum

The daily scrum was created to help the Scrum team meet its sprint goal. Unfortunately, answering the three daily questions can turn a synchronization and planning meeting into a status report. Here are four ways to make sure your team members are collaborating about their work and are ready to tackle the next day.

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Ryan Ripley
Team grouped around a computer Growing Generalized Specialists on an Agile Team

A generalized specialist is not a jack of all trades. It is an individual with deep knowledge in a particular specialization who also has learned to be productive in other team roles. Here are some tips on how to grow generalized specialists on your team in order to maximize your team's productivity potential.

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Jeffery Payne
People working in an office Designing an Office to Nurture Innovative Agile Development Teams

Agile software development is a collaborative activity in many ways, but it also requires quiet time. While open office spaces foster communication and collaboration, it's still important for a workspace to have areas where people can buckle down and work. What is the best office configuration to nurture innovation?

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Steve Berczuk
Many people all putting their hands in To Improve Agile Teamwork, Think about the Individuals

Given the emphasis on teams, it can be easy to forget that agile has the value of individuals and interactions as a central principle. As much as an effective team dynamic is what makes Scrum work, teams are composed of individual people, and it’s important to acknowledge each person's role and to express appreciation.

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Steve Berczuk