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Agile Development Stories
Drawing Motivation for Software Development Teams from Unlikely Places

What do football or a submarine command have to do with agile success? At first, you might say, "Nothing." But football coaches, submarine captains, and their teams all have to establish a clear vision, analyze and prepare, and manage risks and adapt. Metaphors from other fields can motivate agile teams.

Steve Berczuk's picture
Steve Berczuk
Agile outside Software: How All Teams Can Benefit

Better collaboration, adaptive planning, early delivery, and constant improvement—do any of these agile pillars sound like something a non-software team would want to avoid? Agile has its place in different companies and teams across a multitude of industries.

Josiah Renaudin's picture
Josiah Renaudin
Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference

Some people say “agile/Scrum,” as though they’re the same thing. They're not! Scrum is just one way to approach agile. Johanna Rothman defines each concept and also addresses kanban and Extreme Programming, two more approaches. Don't write off agile until you've explored different ways it could work for you.

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Johanna Rothman
Accelerating Your DevOps Processes with Agile

Everyone wants to accelerate the application development process. Agile has done a lot to help, but going faster without understanding whether we are going in the right direction has a significant risk of us getting lost. To really achieve development velocity, you need to understand agile in a pragmatic way.

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Bob Aiello
When and When Not to Automate

Automation integration is a huge value to QA teams, but not everything can or should be automated. By understanding the difference, teams will be able to utilize their tools more effectively and streamline operations for better results. Sanjay Zalavadia looks at when and when not to automate.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
What's in the Winter 2016 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

This issue of Better Software is loaded with feature articles about writing a superior web API, taking the plunge into test automation, the three pillars of agile quality, innovative gamification, and assessing and improving your DevOps procedures. Read on to learn more about this year's first issue.

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Ken Whitaker
Agile Isn't a Band-Aid: How Agile Can Hurt Teams

If you bring in an agile coach and methodically take all the right steps toward transforming your team into a faster, more iterative group, it’s very likely that agile will work for you. However, if you find that your projects are struggling and turn to agile as a Band-Aid, don't expect results.

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Josiah Renaudin
Adapt or Fail: Why Mobile Development and Testing Need to Be Agile

When it comes to effective and efficient mobile app development and testing, transitioning to agile has almost become a requirement. Agile allows you to make amendments at any stage of the process, both welcoming change and using it as an advantage.

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Josiah Renaudin