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Creating Effective Processes to Deliver Quality Software

Delivering complex systems depends on software processes that guide the work on a daily basis. Much has been written about the evils of verbose waterfall processes, but the truth is that not having enough process also makes it impossible to deliver enterprise software without making many mistakes.

Bob Aiello's picture
Bob Aiello
The Test Expert’s Role in DevOps

If our goal as testers is to build and release code more rapidly, frequently, and reliably, we must also align and integrate our testing practices, testing tools, test cases, test data, and test environments into continuous integration, testing, and deployment. A DevOps culture yields all new opportunities.

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Michael Sowers
Justifying Your DevOps Revolution

Want to adopt DevOps practices but your manager is more reluctant? DevOps is all about improving the way you communicate and collaborate, but sometimes management would prefer not to change the way things are done—especially when there’s cost involved. Here's how you could justify your own DevOps revolution.

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Bob Aiello
To Test APIs Effectively—Build an API Regression Suite

A product that doesn't do what it's supposed to do, security flaws, issues that devalue the user experience—for all of these reasons and more—establishing an efficient test management strategy is an essential step in creating great software. Herein lies the value of building an API regression suite.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
Accelerating Your DevOps Processes with Agile

Everyone wants to accelerate the application development process. Agile has done a lot to help, but going faster without understanding whether we are going in the right direction has a significant risk of us getting lost. To really achieve development velocity, you need to understand agile in a pragmatic way.

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Bob Aiello
What's in the Winter 2016 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

This issue of Better Software is loaded with feature articles about writing a superior web API, taking the plunge into test automation, the three pillars of agile quality, innovative gamification, and assessing and improving your DevOps procedures. Read on to learn more about this year's first issue.

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Ken Whitaker
Surviving the IT Audit

One of the most anxiety inducing and often frustrating experiences for IT managers can be surviving the IT audit. If you invest a little time in preparation, you can not only survive your next audit, but also perhaps even benefit from the support to improve your existing best practices.

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Bob Aiello
How DevOps Is Making Testers Evolve

As the streamlined DevOps movement catches on, more and more companies are abandoning “traditional testers” and getting software developers to test. Testers are not becoming obsolete—but it means testers have to evolve and start ensuring that quality is baked in. Adam Auerbach details how they need to change.

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Adam Auerbach