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Database Best Practices for DevOps Teams Database Best Practices for DevOps Teams

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are critical parts of DevOps, but since almost all software projects involve databases, they can break down without proper database management.

Gilad David Maayan's picture
Gilad David Maayan
4 DevOps Security Challenges and Solutions 4 DevOps Security Challenges and Solutions

Various cultural and technical challenges can impact DevOps security, but the main security issues generally derive from the gap between the security and development teams.

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Gilad David Maayan
Flowing Water Using Pipelines for CI/CD

Continuous integration and continuous deployment have become very important in the daily workflow of building a product to production. We take a look at the stages necessary to have a well-functioning CI/CD pipeline.

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John Agbanusi
3 3 Serverless Strategies to Look for in 2021

In this article, we examine the three serverless applications deployment and development approaches that are transforming the application development process and acting as a catalyst for fast adoption of the DevOps practice across the board.

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Satyam Chaturvedi
Articles Top 10 Most-Read TechWell Insights Articles of 2020

Many organizations are restructuring their teams, and several of this year’s most-read articles reflect that, with topics covering the roles within teams, along with technical topics as well.

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Allison Scholz
quality Are You Testing The Quality Into Your Software?

The test team shouldn’t have the onus to improve the software quality, rather the quality should already be built into the software.   A few subtle indicators can reveal if the quality isn’t being built into the software.

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Richard Estra
Gene Gotimer Making the Most of Your DevOps: A Slack Takeover with Gene Gotimer

Thought leaders from the software community are taking over the TechWell Hub to answer questions and engage in conversations. Gene Gotimer, a senior architect at Coveros, hosted this Slack takeover and discussed all things DevOps, including whether you can have DevOps without agile and how you can reap all its benefits.

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Kelly McGee
Silhouette of person unlocking a door with keys Shifting Security Left in Your Continuous Testing Pipeline

Security is often the black sheep of testing—an afterthought that gets only a scan before release. We have to make security a first-class testing citizen with full-lifecycle support. For the best impact, introduce security testing into the early phases of the continuous testing pipeline. Here are some tools to help.

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Glenn Buckholz