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DevOps Stories
Why Problems Are Good

Many large enterprise technology systems have suffered incidents that had significant impact to the customers as well as the firm itself. But experienced IT professionals know that learning from our mistakes is good, and so, too, is harnessing the lessons learned from a serious incident or problem.

Bob Aiello's picture
Bob Aiello
Part of the Pipeline: Why Continuous Testing Is Essential

With the DevOps movement and push for continuous delivery, the way we have done test automation in the past must evolve. In continuous testing, tests are run as part the build pipeline so that every check-in and deployment is validated. Learn more to ensure your team can achieve continuous testing.

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Adam Auerbach
The Potential for DevOps in Fighting Cyber Warfare

Government hacking incidents have put cyber warfare in the news. DevOps actually presents an interesting arsenal. With DevOps, your systems have excellent environment monitoring and are cryptographically verifiable such that the slightest penetration or unauthorized change is immediately detected.

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Bob Aiello
DevOps Can Be Secure and Agile at the Same Time

When it comes to DevOps, the goal is to move applications from development, to test, and then eventually to deployment as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, you can still be agile while having a safe, properly security-tested DevOps environment.

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Josiah Renaudin
Conference Highlights: UX Design, Stage Presence, and DevOps

The Agile Development, Better Software & DevOps Conference West in June featured more than a hundred networking and learning opportunities and three tracks to choose from. Here, we recap three of the popular presentations, about lean UX, presentation skills, and how DevOps can benefit everyone.

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Sandy Sidhu
How Testing Is Changing for the DevOps World

The role of software testing and quality assurance is becoming increasingly important in a DevOps setup. This position has undergone a lot of change in the testing practices used, tools leveraged, and the shift in skill set and mindset of practitioners, and testers have a lot to learn from DevOps.

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Mukesh Sharma
Marriage Counseling and DevOps

Some organizations suffer from a dysfunctional silo culture, with dev and ops working completely separate. Trying to solve problems can feel like marriage counseling, with each side failing to identify what to do to improve their relationship. Just as in counseling, what they need is communication.

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Bob Aiello
The Gap between User Expectations and Reality in the World of Privacy

Online privacy is a largely discussed and debated topic today. There is a common belief that with the advent of social and mobile computing, user privacy is at stake—and the growth in big data has made it worse. Some even say that, with the arrival of the mobile ecosystem, privacy is endangered.

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Mukesh Sharma