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cartoon monkey Google’s Toontastic 3D App Is Funtastic

Google's Toontastic 3D app lets anyone create 3D cartoons. Select from dozens of characters, customize them, or draw your own. Then simply move them around on a screen and animate and narrate your own cartoons. Create shows, stories, reports, family photo albums, or presentations.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
Toxic sign Signs You May Be Working in a Toxic Culture

Certain patterns of behavior define a toxic culture, including an us-versus-them mentality, the pervasiveness of rumors and gossip, and an emphasis on making your numbers no matter what it takes. A pattern of several of these indicators suggests toxicity. Read on for more indicators to look out for.

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Naomi Karten
Software testing experience So, You Want to Be a Software Tester? Here’s How to Get Started

Testing is a field that invites people from diverse backgrounds, so there's no one path to get into the role. But with the catch-22 of needing a job to get experience but needing experience to get a job, how do you break into software testing? Justin Rohrman has advice for anyone wanting some test experience.

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Justin Rohrman
Poor performance review It’s Time to Evaluate Your Annual Performance Reviews

While annual performance reviews can add value when done right, they are often done in a way that does more harm than good. A helpful alternative to an annual review is more frequent feedback that focuses on successes in addition to areas for improvement. Reviews should be motivational and constructive.

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Steve Berczuk
First draft with edits Tips for Writing a First (or Second or Third) Draft

Whether you’re writing for personal or professional purposes, a one-pager or an entire book, it's important to write several drafts. The initial draft doesn't have to be brilliant. It's simply raw data, and you’ll progress faster if you write it quickly so that you get out your ideas. Read on for more tips.

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Naomi Karten
The cover of Better Software magazine What's in the Winter 2017 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

The first issue of our nineteenth volume of Better Software magazine has a new simplified, modern look. We've been planning this design overhaul for months, and the content keeps getting better. Check out the articles on reducing the risk of failed system updates, scaling agile, and servant leadership.

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Ken Whitaker
Statistics Don't Be Fooled by Statistics

Statistics provide numbers that confer credibility to ideas, recommendations, and conclusions. But we do ourselves a disservice if we unthinkingly accept reported statistics without understanding how to interpret them—and without realizing that sometimes they are presented with deliberate deception.

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Naomi Karten
One-on-one meeting Make Your One-on-One Meetings More Effective

One-on-one meetings between managers and the people on their teams can be a very powerful tool, but it's also all too easy for these meetings to become routine, simply turning into regular status reports. One-on-ones should address career development, identify obstacles, and look at the big picture.

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Steve Berczuk