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Climbing tower on a playground, photo by Basil Lade Creating an Environment That Encourages Resilience

Creating environments at work that acknowledge that failures will happen—and supporting the efforts team members make to recover—can help your organization become more effective. You cannot predict every challenge, but by embracing risk and providing opportunities for people to experiment, you can be more productive.

Steve Berczuk's picture
Steve Berczuk
Sign in shop window that says "Sorry, no change" Dealing with a Change-Resistant Manager

With almost any change, whether a trivial adjustment in procedures or a large-scale organizational change, people will vary in their receptiveness to it. But if you and your teammates have some good ideas to improve processes and your manager keeps shutting them down, you may be dealing with a change-resistant manager.

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Naomi Karten
accessibility Are You Reluctant to Venture into Accessibility Engineering?

Organizations are beginning to give a lot of attention and importance to accessibility engineering as part of their usability efforts; however, this has not translated into implementation strategies that have reached the market. Why is there a reluctance to venture into full-fledged accessibility engineering?

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Mukesh Sharma
plastic trash on beach Celebrate Earth Day 2018: How You Can Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

Since plastics can’t efficiently be recycled as yet, it’s time to focus on reducing our own level of plastic consumption, both as individuals and businesses. How can we help? The End Plastic Pollution campaign for Earth Day 2018 encourages all of us to do our part to reduce our plastic pollution footprint.

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Pamela Rentz
A confident man standing with arms crossed, photo by Jonas Kakaroto 3 Keys to Gaining Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. Much of the advice on how to gain confidence revolves around eliminating behaviors that diminish confidence. The idea is that if you effect a confident attitude, others will perceive you as such, and eventually you will be truly confident. Here are three keys to gaining more confidence.

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Naomi Karten
Four people fist-bumping in a workspace Social Abilities Infuse Tech Know-How with Power

Software testers tend to focus their personal development activities almost exclusively on boosting technical acumen, but social systems are just as important. Infusing tech know-how with social skills, such as communication, adaptability, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities, creates team and project success.

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Marcia Buzzella
Signs pointing toward success one way and failure the other What You Can Learn from Failure—and from Success

Success and failure teach different lessons. Lessons from failure tend to revolve around what not to do next time around, whereas lessons from success focus on what you can do again, perhaps even better. But whether you experience success or failure, the key is to take the time to learn from what happened.

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Naomi Karten
Wordie Update: Merriam-Webster Adds 850 New Words

The Merriam-Webster dictionary blog noted they recently added 850 new words and definitions that come from a cross-section of our linguistic culture. It’s good to know that some of the words we’re seeing in the headlines are now being included.

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Pamela Rentz