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gloved hands on keyboard Do Your Part—Engage in Cyber Hygiene

Cyber crimes can be more alarming and can have a more devastating impact than even some physical crimes. Consulting firms have stated that cyber crimes are the fastest growing economic crimes today, with a 20 percent increase since 2014.

Mukesh Sharma's picture
Mukesh Sharma
man reading on ipad Integrating Accessibility into PDF Documents

It is essential when creating digital resources to make them accessible for those who struggle with text, and Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great resource for displaying digital information online as well as offline. Sunil Dangwal provides tips for integrating accessibility into PDFs.

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Sunil Dangwal
ideas flowing into pencil Tips and Resources for Better Writing

If you’re asked to contribute to your company’s e-newsletter or draft a blog post for the website or a design document, here are a few writing tips and resources you may find helpful.

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Pamela Rentz
Fundamental building blocks for a test team 3 Fundamentals of a Successful Testing Team

When it comes to equipping a QA team to reduce risk, test quality, and deliver world-class products, there are more important things than tools. Fundamentals such as a common language, core testing concepts, and a smart automation strategy are essential to setting up testing teams for success.

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Greg Paskal
Great startup idea Build a Successful Startup by Building a Better Team

While people can make a difference in any team, they are particularly important in startups. These small businesses should start with a clear company mission and vision and evaluate how well new members manage conflict and share the values of the team. It could be the difference between success and failure.

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Steve Berczuk
Angry at work How to Release Anger at Work (without Getting Fired!)

Have you ever felt so angry about something a colleague did that you wanted to punch the person—but you were still clearheaded enough to know that such a move would reverse the direction of your career path? There are better alternatives to clobbering a coworker. Read on for productive ways to simmer down.

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Naomi Karten
man jumping over hole in bridge How Agile Bridges the Major Gaps between Development and Testing

Agile, by its very nature, is about collaboration. The developers work alongside the testers, the testers see eye-to-eye (at least in most cases) with the developers, and there’s just a more flexible nature to the team itself. It is meant to bridge the major gaps within teams.

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Josiah Renaudin
password 123456 on sticky note Are Your Passwords on This List?

Some things never change and, unfortunately, picking bad passwords that put you at risk of identity theft seems to be among them. The 2016 Worst Passwords List has been released by SplashData, the password management company that releases the annual list of the worst of the worst passwords.

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Pamela Rentz