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Cloud Migration for Angular Applications Cloud Migration for Angular Applications

There are many ways to migrate Angular apps to the cloud. The three leading cloud providers provide platform as a service (PaaS) offerings that can help you not only migrate Angular to the cloud but also manage the end-to-end DevOps process within their cloud environment.

Gilad David Maayan's picture
Gilad David Maayan
The Cutting Edge of Desktop as a Service: Amazon Workspaces vs Azure WVD The Cutting Edge of Desktop as a Service: Amazon Workspaces vs Azure WVD

Let’s take a look at two leading Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions, their unique features, and how they compare.

Gilad David Maayan's picture
Gilad David Maayan
MySQL Cluster database Why Use the MySQL Cluster Database

If you need to provide a distributed database that serves several (millions) users, and has a high volume data load, the MySQL Cluster database is the database to use.

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Deepak Vohra
data cloud The Rise of Security Challenges for the Data Cloud

Data is getting dispersed across numerous databases, microservices, analytics tools, and pipelines. This results in increased security concerns that will soon become “top-of-mind” for engineering and security teams alike.

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Manav Mital
Calculator Cutting Cloud Costs with Spot Instances on AWS and Azure

Short-term spot instances can save users up to 90 percent compared to regular on-demand instances.  How do you know if they are right for you?

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Gilad David Maayan
3 3 Serverless Strategies to Look for in 2021

In this article, we examine the three serverless applications deployment and development approaches that are transforming the application development process and acting as a catalyst for fast adoption of the DevOps practice across the board.

Satyam Chaturvedi's picture
Satyam Chaturvedi
Articles Top 10 Most-Read TechWell Insights Articles of 2020

Many organizations are restructuring their teams, and several of this year’s most-read articles reflect that, with topics covering the roles within teams, along with technical topics as well.

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Allison Scholz
What is it What Exactly Is Serverless?

The word serverless—it’s everywhere. The word has been Googled an average of 100 times daily in 2020. Is serverless just a buzzword? A facade? Or a world where we won’t need servers anymore?

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Linda Ikechukwu