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Self-Improvement, or How to Work Up to Your Potential

Have you ever been told you have “a lot of potential”? It's meant as a compliment, but it can be a little insulting if you feel you're already working up to your potential. Johanna Rothman shares the steps she took to gather data, assess her work, and discover whether she's working up to her full potential.

Johanna Rothman's picture
Johanna Rothman
Registration for a Conference or Training Event Is Now Even Easier

If you registered for one of SQE/TechWell’s conferences or training in recent months, you may have noticed some new features during registration and on site. In case you missed them, here are a few of note that are making it easier for you to get started learning, networking, and enjoying the event.

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Jaclyn Sparks
Performing Competitor Analysis in Product Development

Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors of the product you’re developing. Analyzing competitors' offerings in regards to various areas, functions, and features can help you design a product that will fill a void and be a hit with customers.

Parimala Hariprasad's picture
Parimala Hariprasad
Handling a Check Failure in Test Automation

What happens on your team when a check (what some call “automated test”) fails? Regression tests or checks that are effective toward managing quality risk must be capable of sending action items outside the test/QA team quickly. How do you provide fast, trustworthy quality communications from your team?

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Matt Griscom
The Increased Use of Technology during the 2015 NFL Season

With the NFL season in full swing, the fervor in sports technology has only strengthened, and this season will serve as a live trial bed for several new apps to make their entry into the market. Rajini Padmanaban examines the increased use of technology by players, coaches, leagues, and end users.

Rajini  Padmanaban's picture
Rajini Padmanaban
A Perspective on Other People’s Perspectives

Whenever someone behaves in a way that seems inappropriate or counterproductive, it seems useful to wonder what might be going on to trigger that behavior. In the workplace, this matter of perspective requires only that you accept that your colleagues and coworkers face challenges similar to your own.

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Naomi Karten
Why Problems Are Good

Many large enterprise technology systems have suffered incidents that had significant impact to the customers as well as the firm itself. But experienced IT professionals know that learning from our mistakes is good, and so, too, is harnessing the lessons learned from a serious incident or problem.

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Bob Aiello
Test Design for Automation: Anti-Patterns

Just like with design patterns, anti-patterns can benefit from a short and catchy name to make them easy to remember and talk about. Hans Buwalda shares a list of typical situations seen in tests that can harm automation and names for them.

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Hans Buwalda