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Secure mobile app Insider Threats: What’s the Biggest IT Security Risk in Your Organization?

Any modern company should give the line-of-business teams the ability to provision self-service, on-demand resources, but to ensure security, you have to do so in a way that has the necessary monitoring built in via automation. One good way is to use a cloud management platform that helps you keep your app secure.

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Pete Johnson
daydreaming at work Yes, Daydreamers Are Smarter

Did a teacher ever call you out for daydreaming? Did your boss? Turns out, you’re not a slacker after all. According to a brain study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology, you’re smart, creative, and your mind wanders because you may have extra brain capacity.

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Pamela Rentz
person with hand on chin thinking Test Automation Cannot Be an Afterthought

In software testing, automation can be viewed as an editor, of sorts. Previously, manual testers had to be extremely thorough to guarantee quality since they were the final check before products got into the hands of users. Now, testers can lean on automation tools to catch any bugs that might have been missed.

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Josiah Renaudin
Hands breaking free of restraints Breaking the Cycle of Bad Scrum

When practiced well, Scrum can empower people, teams, and organizations to solve complex problems and deliver value to their customers. But bad Scrum does the opposite. If team members or leaders don't embrace Scrum values, it can be oppressive and create tension. Here's how you can prevent bad Scrum from taking hold.

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Ryan Ripley
A businesswoman dealing with a difficult man Dealing with a Difficult Person at Work

Sometimes, when a coworker or customer behaves in an offensive manner, it’s not the totality of that person’s character. They may be coping with circumstances you're not aware of. Before you react to someone's behavior, strive to understand if there's something else behind it. It will improve your relationships.

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Naomi Karten
Conveyor belt delivering boxes Why Frequently Delivering Working Software Is Crucial to Agile

While completing documentation is often an indication that some progress has been made, until software has been implemented, tested, and approved by a customer, the amount of progress cannot be measured. Here are some common reasons agile teams fail to frequently deliver working software—and how to avoid them.

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Jeffery Payne
Measuring tapes Measuring Objective Continuous Improvement in DevOps

When you're beginning your DevOps journey, it is incredibly important to know where you are starting. You will want to know later on what progress you have made, and you won’t be able to figure that out unless you have benchmarks from the beginning. Here are six steps to objectively measure your continuous improvement.

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Logan Daigle
ducks in a row What It Takes to Be an Effective Leader in Software Testing

Similar to the discussion of “How much test automation do I need?” the answer often depends on your team’s makeup and what sort of product you’re making. There isn’t a perfect equation, but there are still general, proven qualities that lead to better software and happier software testers.

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Josiah Renaudin