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Person about to slip on a banana peel 3 Mistakes Teams Make When Choosing a ScrumMaster

One cause of agile project failure is choosing the wrong person as your ScrumMaster. While a bad ScrumMaster is a problem for any team, it is particularly bad for teams new to agile, as the team won’t know they are being led down the wrong path. Here are three mistakes organizations make when choosing a ScrumMaster.

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GEDI May the Forest Be with You: A New GEDI Laser Is Coming

There’s a new laser device coming to the galaxy this fall that will be good for the forests here on Earth. NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation Lidar (GEDI) will be the first space-borne laser designed to map the world's forests in 3-D to help us study and understand forest changes.

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A software professional about to sign a contract Be Careful What You Ask For: Contract Considerations for New Projects

In a new project, there are always going to be challenges and delays, and when the end date is looming, you may be tempted to rush through the contracting and procurement process. But that can have dire consequences down the line if roles, responsibilities, and expectations aren't clear. Take the time to communicate.

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Calendar showing some already missed deadlines The Normalization of Deviance Could Be Hurting Your Team

Normalization of deviance refers to becoming blasé about counterproductive behavior or activities. The concept applies to processes that become ingrained in a team even though they contribute to negative outcomes, such as slipping deadlines. Employees become so accustomed to the deviance that, to them, it seems normal.

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People attending a talk at the Agile Dev, Better Software & DevOps West conference Lessons Learned at the Agile Dev, Better Software & DevOps West Conference

The Agile Dev, Better Software & DevOps West conference was held in Las Vegas in early June. Coveros technical manager Gene Gotimer was a speaker at the event, but he also attended as a delegate, getting to experience the keynotes, sessions, Expo, and other parts of the software conference. Here are his takeaways.

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A high-performing QA team holding up a trophy Testing the Tester: Building a High-Impact QA Team

Teams don’t always understand the impact their roles have on the business outcome, so their lack of focus can affect software quality and lead to an array of disasters. You can help your existing testers become a high-performing QA team focused on goals. Here’s what you can do to transform how your QA team functions.

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blurry photo The Blurred Lines between the Open Source and Closed Source Worlds

The open source and closed sourced worlds need each other—not only for healthy competition, but more importantly, for healthy collaboration, too. Mukesh Sharma looks at recent collaborative efforts between the open source and closed source communities and what is driving these changes.

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A person's legs dangling off the edge of a building, photo by Alex Wong The Risk of Overemphasizing Risks

We are trained to identify and evaluate risks. This prevents teams from making decisions that are unlikely to work, saving time and money and helping the team move forward. However, a risk-avoidance mindset can also stop progress. Successful agile teams see risks as ways of starting a conversation, not stopping it.

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