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Human Resource Management, Multi-Tasking, and Waves

Some tolerate multi-tasking better than others. Beyond tolerance and even the ability of some people to switch contexts more efficiently than others is an effect of multi-tasking that most of us have experienced but rarely discuss.

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New Language Features in Java 17 New Language Features in Java 17

As Java 17 is the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version after Java 11, it is opportune to go over the new language features it adds, some of which had been Preview features in intermediate versions.

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MySQL 8.0.x Offers New JSON Features

MySQL database supports a native JSON data type in addition to several JSON related SQL/JSON functions. In this article, we will discuss some of the new JSON features in MySQL 8.x.

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UAT Entrance Criteria: Don’t Negotiate Against Yourself UAT Entrance Criteria: Don’t Negotiate Against Yourself

An important component of any User Acceptance Testing (UAT) plan are the entry criteria. No complex data system will ever be perfect, but starting with lax entrance criteria puts the UAT team in a weak position.

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Why Are Credential Stuffing Attacks On The Rise?

Malicious hackers have an abundance of attack methods at their disposal, ranging from the crude to the highly sophisticated. Credential stuffing is a type of brute force cyber attack that is increasing in popularity, and this article seeks to explain why.

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The Importance of Data Classification in a Post-GDPR World The Importance of Data Classification in a Post-GDPR World

Automated data classification can have a range of benefits. These include making it possible to organize and secure data for compliance purposes, assisting with deletion of data that is no longer needed, enabling monitoring and alerting, and reducing the cost of compliance.

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country hill Losing the Battle One Hill at a Time: Scope Creep in an Agile World

Some issues/hills are important and worth going all in – but most probably aren’t. Project managers must choose their battles wisely and develop scope discipline.


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MySQL Cluster database Why Use the MySQL Cluster Database

If you need to provide a distributed database that serves several (millions) users, and has a high volume data load, the MySQL Cluster database is the database to use.

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