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"Find a job" keyboard button Thinking of Changing Jobs? Consider These Points First

There are certainly valid reasons to look for a new job. In fact, it may be that you can achieve some of your career goals only by switching jobs. But in considering the right and wrong reasons for changing jobs, it’s important not to see the current job as no good and some unknown future job as the “perfect solution.”

Naomi Karten's picture
Naomi Karten
Wonder Woman and Google Get Girls Coding This Summer

To help ensure that today’s Wonder Girls (and guys) have coding superpowers that will help them in the future, Google announced the company has joined forces with Warner Bros. Pictures to release a new interactive coding project via Made with Code.

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Pamela Rentz
combination lock Where Does the Burden of Software Security Lie?

Security is continuing to skyrocket in importance as we tie more and more aspects of our personal life to the phones we carry. And with the Internet of Things burrowing deeper and deeper into our daily lives, we need to understand who has access to our info and how we can best protect ourselves.

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Josiah Renaudin
Cranes changing building architecture Engineering Architecture Systems for a Faster Build

In the era of continuous integration and continuous deployment, big applications are creating bloated build pipelines. The problem is when code becomes so entangled that every change impacts large portions of the system, meaning there’s a lot to rebuild. If you reshape the code architecture, you can reduce build times.

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Abraham Marin-Perez
Padlock Make Your Security Testing More Agile

Security practices traditionally have followed a waterfall model, adding security testing on at the end. Organizations need to coach their security programs and testers to prioritize analysis and risk, much like we do with agile stories, to better incorporate security defects with other feature work along the way.

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Alan Crouch
People shaking hands How to Earn Trust in the Workplace

If you’re starting a new position, taking over a team, transferring to a new department, or simply doing your job every day, you can accomplish more and accomplish it faster if people trust you. There are several outside factors that influence whether people find you trustworthy, but here are some you can control.

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Naomi Karten
Shirt tag saying "One size does not fit all" What’s Your “Size” of Agile?

There are approaches to agile that sound great on paper, but will they really be the best choice for your team in practice? Instead of standardizing on any form of agile, think about the results you want. Why not create the environment that works best for you? There's more than one way to do agile.

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Johanna Rothman
Computer with "Retired!" sign 7 Good Project Management Practices for Replacing a Legacy System

When you need to replace a legacy system quickly, it’s tempting to set aside good project management practices and push forward recklessly. But doing so results in delays, cost overrun, and organizational chaos. Take time to understand the problem, plan and estimate the solution, and set up your project for success.

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Payson Hall