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Navigating the Culture of Global Organizations

Many companies have very strong cultures and expect employees to embrace their values and view of the world. That can be difficult enough in familiar cultures, but in today's connected world, you may interact with colleagues all over the globe. Understanding their norms and communication styles is essential.

Bob Aiello's picture
Bob Aiello
IoT Security Concerns for Quality Assurance Teams

In addition to the typical Internet-related security concerns, applications are being made specifically for IoT devices, all of which bring about additional security concerns that quality assurance teams need to consider.

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Sanjay Zalavadia
How Poor Testing and an Early Release Can Damage Your App and Business

Mobile or PC apps that crash, have poor user experience, don’t run smoothly, or lack features give your customer the idea that whatever they bought didn’t get the tender, loving care it deserved—even if they know the issues can be fixed in a later release.

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Josiah Renaudin
NASA Patents and Searchable Database Inspires Spinoff Technology

NASA's Technology Transfer Program periodically releases formerly patented technologies to the general public. NASA recently made available more than 50 additional agency technologies, and a searchable database catalogs thousands of NASA patents already in the public domain.

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Pamela Rentz
When It Comes to Time Management, Are You a Procrastinator or a Precrastinator?

Everyone knows procrastination, or putting off something you have to do. Fewer people know about its opposite, precrastination, which is the tendency to start and finish a task as soon as possible. Believe it or not, each option has benefits and drawbacks. Would you try the opposite of your typical approach?

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Naomi Karten
Before Jumping into Software Testing Tools, Get Your Code Straight

Software testing tools can be incredibly helpful, but only if you're implementing them from a good starting place. If your code is a mess, a tool won't fix that; you'll end up simply adding layers on top of the mess. Matt Heusser explains how your team would be better off learning elements of code as craft.

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Matthew Heusser
The Importance of Just Enough Software Measurement and Metrics

When it comes to the development, testing, and deployment of software, some argue that metrics have little value. Others take measurement to the extreme and have books of metrics, but without any meaning or action. Mike Sowers thinks metrics are vital, but it’s most beneficial to have just enough metrics.

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Michael Sowers
The Power of an Agile Mindset

Some people think you've born with certain talents and there are other things you'll just never get the hang of. Conversely, having an agile mindset means believing that you're able to grow and develop your skills and intelligence. The interesting thing: Whichever mindset you hold, you'll probably be right.

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Linda Rising