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Communication Speaking the Same Language in Software Testing

Arguments in software testing often revolve around language. We use phrases like test case, exploratory testing, and regression testing every day, but we can’t be sure that you and I mean the same thing when we do. Increased communication and detailed discussions can help avoid misunderstandings.

Justin Rohrman's picture
Justin Rohrman
Failure is part of success How Failure Is Essential to Your Success

No one likes to fail, but it is an essential activity in our lives. Each failure gives us a chance to learn and become better. No one is instantly successful at anything; everyone goes through a learning curve, and that may be steep and long. But we need to do better to embrace failure, because it precedes success.

Isabel Evans's picture
Isabel Evans
computer-simulated world Is It Impossible to Perfectly Simulate Real-Life Testing Situations?

Even with test automation, service virtualization, artificial intelligence, and the medley of other software innovations we’ve seen in the last few years, is it possible to accurately simulate real-life situations for your application within the myriad testing phases prelaunch?

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Josiah Renaudin
Technical manager Do Software Teams Need Managers with Technical Expertise?

Soft skills matter in how effective a manager is, but what about technical skills? If you're a software engineer, how important is it to you for your manager to have the same background and to fully understand your job? Ideally they would, but in some cases, that role can be better filled by a technical lead.

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Steve Berczuk
meter The Cloud Is Metered

The cloud is metered—you pay by the hour, by the gigabyte, or by some other metric. The numbers might not necessarily be high, but they draw attention from managers. As testers we should look at these numbers as well. Hans Buwalda looks at how cloud-induced metering can impact testing.

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Hans Buwalda
Woman standing up from desk Tips to Get You Up from Your Desk and Moving Around

We've all heard the dangers that come from sitting too much. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas that can help you move a little more, even if your job entails sitting for most of the day. You just need a reminder to get up every hour or so—and among these tips, there's sure to be one that works for you.

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Naomi Karten
Data What You Should Consider to Make the Best Use of Your Collected Data

We live in a world where data is constantly being recorded. In software, determining the timing of when to use that data is critical to making the most of the information. You should take into account data freshness, the data-gathering processes and any dependencies between them, and when to distribute information.

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Catherine Cruz ...
Better Software magazine cover What’s in the Spring 2017 Issue of Better Software Magazine

This is the second issue of Better Software magazine for 2017, and it has the largest page count of the last few years. With close to one hundred thousand subscribers worldwide, Better Software is fulfilling a real need in the software development community. As always, this issue has some thought-provoking articles.

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Ken Whitaker