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3 3 Serverless Strategies to Look for in 2021

In this article, we examine the three serverless applications deployment and development approaches that are transforming the application development process and acting as a catalyst for fast adoption of the DevOps practice across the board.

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Frustrated Customer And Now a Word from (One of) Your Customers…

A plea to software product owners to avoid adding buggy features or making capricious changes to your GUI. Quality matters, remember?

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Records Records in Java 14 for Concise Data Carriers

In this article, we explore a preview language feature in Java 14 that improves the design of data carriers, making them simple, concise, and agile.

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Pattern Pattern Matching in Java 14 Adds Simplicity

In this article, we discuss a Java feature created to make Java easier, the instanceof operator, which is used to test if an object is a certain type.

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Disaster Your Project Might Be in Trouble If...

 As I start my fifth decade working on projects, primarily in the IT and software development space, I wanted to share some patterns I have observed that suggest a project is in trouble, Jeff Foxworthy style.

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Learning Contracted IT Projects: A Primer for Client Project Managers

If you’ve never managed an IT project for your organization that had significant work outsourced to a vendor, what’s learned on the job can be VERY painful and VERY expensive. Here are some things to watch out for.


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Articles Top 10 Most-Read TechWell Insights Articles of 2020

Many organizations are restructuring their teams, and several of this year’s most-read articles reflect that, with topics covering the roles within teams, along with technical topics as well.

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Gift Ideas for Software Professionals 9 Gift Ideas for the Software Professional in Your Life

Check out our list of the top 9 gift ideas for software professionals—compiled by TechWell staffers and fellow software development gurus like yourself.

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